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Rebirth of an icon

In this eight part series we will follow the Ford Performance team from the design table to the test track, through crash tests and much more. We will watch as they attempt to revive a household badge in RS.

Episode 1: Project Kick-Off Featuring Ken Block

In this episode superstar Ken Block and Ford Motor Company Group Vice President of Product Development Raj Nair visit a top-secret test facility at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan to drive an early prototype of the Focus RS.

Episode 2: Design and Development

In This Episode we meet the design team behind the new Ford Focus RS and learn that the car has been built for both function and aesthetics. The RS is then put through its paces in the crash test facility with crunching crashes to make sure it meets the international safety standards.

Episode 3 : Hitting the Road

In this episode a team from all around the world meet in Denver Colorado and embark on a mammoth 1,000 Mile journey that will take them from the top of the rocky mountains right down to Arizona desert. How will the new Focus RS fair? Will it last the entire journey? Watch the video to find out...

​Episode 4: Test-Track Trials

In this episode the team have reached the half-way point in the design process. Ken Block visits Ford's top secret test facility near Lommel Belgium to test drive the new Ford Focus RS. Being the hoonigan ​he is he couldn't help him self to a little hooning around on an empty test track.

Episode 5: Artic Extremes

With just eight months to go until the new Ford Focus RS is put into production, the RS team have traveled to Sweden to test in extreme conditions. The pressure is building, with the car just being unvieled at the Geneva motor show and some issue being discovered. See what happens below:

Episode 6: Power Struggle

Pressure is building on the RS team. Tested to the limit some of the development engines have been failing. The team turn to the Dunton technical centre in the UK for help. Using the dyno bed they have set up there the engine will be put into some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. See what happens here...

Episode 7: Close Scrutiny

In this episode the Ford Focus RS is set for its first public display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Meanwhile in Lommel Belgium the Focus RS team are meeting for an all important sign off drive with Ford's senior executives being flown in from around the world to deliver thier verdict.

Episode 8: The Final Chapter

After a disastrous verdict on the first sign off drive from Raj Nair Ford's product development chief, the RS team are back in the USA for the second and hopefully final sign off drive.