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Ford Performance

Ford has a wonderful heritage of creating fast and affordable vehicles. From Classics such as the Mk1 Ford Escort to the modern Ford Fiesta ST fast fords have been a part of our lives for generations. Below are some of the classics and the latest editions from Ford Performance.


Ford Motor company has been creating motor vehicles since 16th June 1903. Its founder Henry Ford wasn’t a racer himself. He did however build his very own, and the first Ford Performance vehicle. In this video, Edsel B. Ford II tells the story of his great-grandfather and how he beat the best racer in the country with a car he built with his own hands.


Considered one of the most exciting Ford Performance cars ever made, The Ford Escort MK1 Mexico was released in 1970 as a homage to the success of the World Rally team in the late 1960's. The MK1 Mexico is now fast becoming the car of choice for Ford Collectors and is now worth twenty times the original showroom value for one in good condition.

Ford Performance of today

Ford Performance is the new high performance wing of Ford Motor Company, responsible for developing the next generation of sports cars including the Ford Mustang and Ford GT. Below are some heritage and the current Ford Performance vehicles available in the UK.

New Ford Mustang

Available from £31,995.00 or £299 Per Month

An athletic, low-slung stance has been carried over to this new-generation Mustang to help it attract admirers and boost its performance. The familiar stallion badge on the front grille remains and is positioned at the end of a contoured bonnet. Slim headlamps add an aggressive expression, while a front spoiler, dual exhausts and rear diffuser hint at its unrelenting pace.

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New Ford Focus RS

Available from £31,000 or £289 Per Month

The wait is almost over, the All-New Ford Focus RS has a range of ground-breaking technologies including All-Wheel-Drive, EcoBoost Engine and Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control which will all deliver superb handling, exceptional levels of grip and excellent corning ability.

Carrying over 30 years of RS heritage, this latest RS Focus continues Ford’s reputation for pioneering design and engineering. From every angle, you can see aggressive styling and a low profile creating a powerful vision of performance.

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New Ford Focus ST

Available from £22,027.12 or £229 Per Month

Track tested performance and outstanding efficiency, advanced technology and cutting-edge design: the Focus ST delivers it all, in one thrilling package.

With a strikingly restyled and sculpted exterior and a cabin that’s more streamlined and sophisticated, this is the most refined Focus ST ever made.

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New Ford Fiesta ST

Available from £16,628 or £229 Per Month

With its sports suspension and sports styling, six-speed transmission, enhanced brakes and advanced technology, the Fiesta ST delivers the type of driving thrills that will do wonders for your street cred.

It’s obvious from the exterior: The Fiesta ST is built for performance. Full body styling, a low, aerodynamic profile with flared wheel arches and ST spoiler; every element of the car is designed to maximise power, fuel efficiency and visual impact.

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