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10 Features Of The All-New Ford Focus That You Need To Know About​

The All-New Ford Focus has been redesigned from the ground up to be a vast improvement over the outgoing model. Thanks to a mouth-watering combination of handsome new styling, a premium and elegant interior, powerful and efficient engines, plus lots of new technology, the All-New Focus is set to be one of the UK’s best-selling cars right from launch.

Some of the technology on board is incredibly innovative, and some has never been seen on a car of this price. Here are ten of the amazing new features on board the All-New Focus.

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Ford Focus pothole detection technology

Pothole Detection

British roads seem to get worse every week. Broken tarmac and potholes are not good for your car – or your bank account. The All-New Focus offers pothole detection technology as part of the Continuously Controlled Damping package, ironing out bumps so you enjoy a more comfortable ride and so the car is not as affected. When the car senses a pothole, the will tense up in that area so the wheel doesn’t drop as far – ensuring the wheel will not hit the opposite side of the pothole as harshly. It’ll also send a warning to the rear suspension to do the same.

Ford Co-Pilot360 technology


As one of the most technologically advanced hatchbacks on sale, you’ll be astounded by the driver assistance systems available. Co-Pilot360 incorporates adaptive cruise control, which will speed up and slow down to match the car in front – even in stop-start traffic, speed limit recognition and lane-centring technology. The car is so clever that it could probably drive itself!

Ford Focus parking itself

Active Park Assist

Not only can it make driving much easier, but the All-New Focus will take the hassle out of parking too. Active Park Assist 2 will slot you into a space with just a touch of a button. It’ll take care of the steering, gears, acceleration and braking so you don’t have to. If you want this feature, you’ll be interested in a car with an automatic gearbox.

FordPass Connect image

FordPass Connect

The new, fourth-generation model will offer FordPass Connect for the first time. Keep fully connected with on-board Wi-Fi for up to ten devices and real-time satellite navigation traffic updates, while the emergency services will automatically be contacted if a collision occurs. With the FordPass app, you’ll unlock extra features such as programming your sat-nav from your phone before you get to the car, and monitor a wide range of information about your car. Choose an automatic gearbox and you can even get the car to start automatically!

Ford head-up display image

Head-Up Display

See all the most important driving information without taking your eyes off the road. The head-up display (HUD) is a transparent screen with sat nav directions, local speed limits and your current speed, but it can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Blue Ford Focus Estate driving

Pre-Collision Assist

The All-New Ford Focus can continually scan for pedestrians and other vehicles, in case they cross your car’s path. It’ll provide a warning, and then apply the brakes automatically if you don’t respond. The system works up to 50mph – which is a higher speed than many cars fitted with similar equipment – and will either reduce the severity of the impact or avoid it altogether. If you regularly drive in busy, poorly sighted areas, you might find this technology invaluable.

White Ford Focus Estate driving

Adaptive Lighting

You can specify full-LED headlights, which are much brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. On top of that, the lights will instantly adapt to the road ahead. You will be able to engage full beam without dazzling other drivers thanks to this system, plus see around corners much more easily. The headlight beams bend when you turn the wheel, following the corner and keeping it illuminated.

Ford Focus wireless charging


Ford’s intuitive SYNC 3 system is fitted as standard on almost all models, so you can connect your smartphone to the car via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Because of this, you can control your music, phone calls and navigation through the crisp eight-inch touchscreen (or voice controls). To make sure you never need to go without entertainment, a wireless charging pad is available to keep your battery topped up.

Ford Focus Estate with hands-free tailgate

Hands-Free Tailgate

The All-New Focus Estate is designed to be as versatile as possible. Its boot is much larger than the outgoing model, and it is full of nifty features like an adjustable boot floor. If you come back to your car and your hands are full, the car will sense the presence of the key and allow you to open the tailgate hands-free. Loading bulky items is easy and convenient.

Ford Focus automatic gearbox

Eight-Speed Automatic

Ford has developed a brand-new eight-speed automatic gearbox to accompany the new model. The gear changes are smoother and acceleration is perkier, and it makes day-to-day driving much easier. With a rotary dial instead of a traditional gear lever, the interior is cleaner, less cluttered and more spacious.

Are you excited about the All-New Ford Focus? Head down to your local Hartwell dealership to explore or test-drive it. See all the technology available in more detail at our Tech Live Event, which takes place from 7th-10th September.

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