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Renault Clio (left) and Captur (right) spotted testing

2019 Renault Clio and Captur Spotted, Both Will Feature Autonomous Technology​

Renault is currently developing new versions of its popular Clio small car and Captur SUV. Both will go on sale before the end of next year with thoroughly updated interiors, some self-driving technology and mild-hybrid power.

The Clio, shown on the left, is one of the company’s core models – Renault is pinning its hopes on high sales of this new version. To try and reach these aims, the Clio will be crammed with high-spec equipment and posher materials. Renault’s design boss has previously stated that future cars will have interiors that match the appeal of the exterior.

One of the main new additions will be a large portrait touchscreen, like the one available in the Megane. There’ll also be a raft of basic autonomous technology, shared with Nissan, allowing the Clio to drive itself in slow-moving traffic and wiggle into a free parking space. You will still have to keep your hands on the wheel until laws change, though.

Both cars will look fairly similar to the current models – simple tweaks should be enough to keep them fresh and desirable. The Clio will get new front and rear lights plus a new grille, while the Captur SUV (right-hand-side images) will include a taller bonnet, a sloping roofline and a square rear end with a redesigned bumper and lights.

The Clio will be available with two petrol engines; a revised version of the 0.9-litre engine currently offered, and Renault’s new 1.3-litre motor that’s used in the Kadjar and the Mercedes A-Class. A diesel may not be offered in the Clio, but should be in the Captur. Renault will look to maximise fuel economy by creating a version with mild-hybrid technology, which will shut the engine down when you’re not pressing the accelerator.

Fully electric variants of both cars are likely to be on sale before 2022. Efficiency will also be improved by shaving unnecessary weight – aluminium will be more widely used in the construction process and the glass will be thinner yet just as strong.

The new Clio and Captur are expected to be revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March, before going on sale at the end of the year. If you’d like to share this article, please use the icons at the top of the page.

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