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Teaser image of upcoming Mustang-based SUV

2020 Ford Mustang Electric SUV Could Be Called ‘Mach E’

Ford has applied to trademark ‘Mach E’ and ‘Mach-E’, fuelling speculation that this could be the name given to the upcoming Mustang-based electric SUV.

The name was originally expected to be Mach 1, following on from the classic Mustang models of the same name. Fans weren’t too happy about an electrified model bearing the same moniker as the Mustang’s performance pack option, so Ford appears to have shelved that idea. Anyway, Mach E seems much more appropriate for an electric SUV.

As yet, nothing is confirmed. Ford says the trademark application is intended to protect new ideas, but doesn’t necessarily indicate new business or product plans.

The company has been equally tight-lipped about the styling and features of the electric SUV, which is due to begin prototype testing in 2019. However, Ford has mentioned a 2020 launch date and a fully electric range of over 300 miles.

Earlier this year it released a teaser image, showing what the rear end of the Mustang-based SUV could look like. The three vertical taillights seem to be taken straight from the Mustang coupe and convertible, while the mirrors are slim and pointed. This concept’s rear window seems to be quite sloped, suggesting the Mach E will be a stylish coupe SUV.

Whatever the new model will be called, it will be a major prong of Ford’s electric and hybrid plans. In total, Ford aims to offer 16 fully electric models globally by 2022, and a further 24 electrified vehicles such as plug-in hybrids. As these worldwide figures are the only ones currently available, it is difficult to say how many we will get in the UK. However, a Mustang hybrid is definitely in the pipeline, and it’s likely that the Ford KA+, Fiesta and All-New Focus will be among the first models to feature electrified power options.

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