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6 Reasons to Switch a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle in 2020

1. Hybrid: Perfect for City Driving

Hybrid cars are great for nipping here and there to the shops or running other errands within cities and towns. Hybrid cars are great for those start-and-stop journeys, some electric vehicles can run up to 53 miles on pure electricity, which is more sufficient when zipping around the city.


2. Electric: Endures Long Drives​

​Hybrid vehicles are great for short journeys, but not so durable for long ones. Although, people like Ford and Fiat are working on the extension of car battery life. Unfortunately, for now due to the petrol engine combination it's quite snug so not much room left for extra battery life. However a fully electric model like the New Ford Mustang Mach-E the battery life is doubled in comparison to a hybrid.


3.​ Hybrid: It Still Has Power

​Electric cars do not have this, as they reply on an electric engine and cannot replicate the same acceleration. The New Ford Puma Mild Hybrid incorporates both a small electric motor with a 48 volt battery and provides additional support to the petrol engine. It then uses regenerative braking technology to recharge the battery​. There is a partnership between the electric motor and the fuel-powered engine, which enables a higher powertrain to the vehicle. 


4. Electric: No Need To Fill Up

The only you'll need to know is where you can plug-in and charge in your area. But no need to stress as more and more charging stations are being implemented across all regions. You can even download apps that let you know where your nearest electric charging station is for you.


5. Hybrid: Exploits The Best ​Of Both Worlds

​Hybrid vehicles sport the best of both the power of a petrol engine and an electric motor. Therefore, you can help reduce CO2 emissions, stay fuel-efficient and help the environment in the process for a more sustainable future. 


6. ​Electric: Cost of Maintenance 

​Vehicle checks such as, oil and fluids are eliminated with an electric vehicle. Of course there will still be maintenance involved in an electric car, but the costs is be greatly diminished for electric engine parts. 

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Article written by Marketing Executive: Eleanor Sanmogan