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Unregistered Ford GT

A Brand New 2005 Ford GT Is For Sale For Almost $500,000​

We have some rather special used cars available – especially if you want a Mustang or Focus RS – but one dealership in America has something a bit rarer on their forecourt. Golf Mill Ford, Illinois, has a 2005 Ford GT for sale that’s never been owned by a customer. It’s never even been registered!

As a result, this car looks pristine. The red clearcoat paint isn’t faded or scratched – it looks exactly how it would have left the factory thirteen years ago. Everything, including the wheels and interior, look brand-new, making this GT feel like a museum piece. There’s just 104 miles on the clock, which means whoever buys this car will essentially get a slice of history.

Pristine condition Ford GT
Rear view of brand-new 2005 Ford GT
Ford GT lightweight wheel

You’d have to pay top dollar if you wanted it, though. Even with a hefty saving of $45,100, the dealership will ask you to pay $449,900. Or $5,700 per month. That’s quite an increase over the car’s original $139,999 price tag, even taking into account the $15,000 in optional extras fitted to this car. Those extras include the stripes ($5,000), red painted brake callipers ($750), lightweight alloy wheels ($3,500) and a radio unit with a CD player – for an unbelievable $4,000. Standard features include xenon headlights, fog lights, leather seats and ABS.

Ford GT interior
Ford GT engine bay

The GT was originally delivered to Zimmerman Ford in 2005, and it was sat in the showroom until the dealership was taken over. For whatever reason, the GT was never sold, meaning this is surely the lowest-mileage example available.

When it is sold, it’ll continue to be a show piece – it’ll probably never be driven on the road. The person who will pay so much for this car will see it as an investment, which is a little bit sad in a way. That said, a car that hasn’t moved much in so long will probably need a lot of work to make it driveable, so it might be worthwhile to keep it as a garage queen…

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