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Are you a vehicle fault procrastinator?

In an article in ‘Car Dealer 2019’ a survey conducted by Green Flag showed that, more than half of British drivers were waiting more than two months before getting faults with a vehicle fixed. A recent poll of 2,020 drivers showed that not only were they ignoring these faults for two months, but over half were unable to change a tyre if the situation was required.

This study revealed that, 14% of the drivers they interviewed ‘only fix faults when it’s urgent’. While more than a quarter don’t know how to check the oil. Based on this years' MOT’s 1 in 3 vehicles were failed due to dangerous faults.

Think this worrying? There’s more. Despite motorists understanding that repair costs could have been cheaper when addressed early, UK Drivers still spent £574.50 a year on repairs.

We really need to tackle these issue and implement proper car care. Don’t let your car down, make sure you follow the correct steps towards better care for your car.

If you are concerned about a fault on your vehicle or feel guilty for ignoring it after reading this article, speak to our service department to book a service and get those issues fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and higher costs.

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Here are some guides below to help take better care of your car:

- How to Check and refill your washer fluid​

(for more details check your driver's manual)

- ​How to check and top up your engine oil level

(for more details check your driver's manual)


- How to change a bulb in your rear lights​

(for more details check your driver's manual)


- How to adjust your tyre pressure​

(for more details check your driver's manual)

- How to check your tyre tread

(for more details check your driver's manual)


Article written by Marketing Executive: Eleanor Sanmogan