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Ford GT Carbon Series

Check Out The Ford GT Carbon Series​

Ford has unveiled a new version of the GT supercar. Called the Carbon Series, it utilises plenty of carbon fibre to save weight and make the GT even more track-focused. It’s now the lightest of the road-going GTs (the Le Mans-winning racing car is lighter still), but you’ll still be able to drive to and from the racetrack.

Shaving the weight off a Ford GT isn’t easy, so the company has resorted to almost unnoticeable measures to make this version 18kg lighter than any other production GT. New carbon fibre wheels and a polycarbonate engine cover are the biggest components, but the diet has also included a titanium exhaust, titanium wheel nuts and “additional venting.” Because nothing saves weight like cutting holes in things.

Front of Ford GT Carbon Series
Ford GT Carbon Series driving
Ford GT Carbon Series with orange accents

To live up to its Carbon Series name, Ford has made a few extra changes. Carbon fibre now covers the A-pillars, lower body panels and those famous dual stripes. If all this black and grey is a bit macabre, you can order an accent package in four different hues – silver, orange, red or blue – which adds a splash of colour to the mirror caps, centre stripe and brake callipers.

But the Carbon Series isn’t completely stripped out. Among the carbon fibre inside the cabin, you still have air conditioning, a radio and Ford’s SYNC 3 screen for comfort. You won’t have anywhere to put your drink, though, as “luxuries” such as cupholders have been removed to save weight.

If you ever see a Ford GT Carbon Series, you’ll be able to tell it apart from any other GT. It features more visible carbon fibre than any other model, and is exactly what some customers have been begging for.

Ford GT Carbon Series

“We listen to our customers,” says Ford Performance’s marketing manager. “While the Ford GT Competition model appeals to hardcore racing enthusiasts, we found more customers asking for more exposed carbon fibre with the air conditioning and radio still intact.”

Want one? You’ll have to be approved to be able to buy one, and you might have to wait a while to get it. Ford will only build one of these special-Series cars per week. Plus, although Ford has just extended the GT’s production run by another 350 units, it’s unlikely that many will be Carbon Series cars.

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