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A Brand New 2005 Ford GT Is For Sale For Almost $500,000

This Ford GT has never been registered and has only driven 104 miles, which goes some way to explaining its substantial price tag. Click here for more details.

Which Of These 12 Classic Fast Fords Would You Buy?

Twelve incredible Ford performance cars are coming up for auction this week. Read our blog and tell us which you'd pick!

This Electric Fiat 500 Giardiniera Could Be The Cutest Way To Save The Environment

It retains the classic 1960s styling, but this Fiat 500 Giardiniera wagon hides an electric heart and plenty more power as a result. Read all about it here.

Renault Clio V6 Is The Company's Craziest-Ever Hot Hatch

If you've always wanted to own one of these bonkers mid-engined Clios, now's your chance - this low-mileage car is headed for auction next month.

Could This 1968 Ford Mustang Restomod Be Any More Perfect?

This beautiful thing mixes the styling of a classic Mustang with the latest components from the new Ford Mustang, creating a fantastic (although quite expensive) car. Read more details here.

Some Incredible Classic Fast Fords Are Being Auctioned

Highlights include a mint-condition Ford GT and two very special Sierra Cosworths. Check out our blog and see which one you'd love to park on your driveway!

Load Up Your Racing Cars In Style With This Classic Fiat Transporter

Check behind the back of the sofa - this classic transporter is coming up for auction. It's carried Ferraris, Maseratis and Ford GT40s, and is expected to reach a high price...

How Far Has The Ford Focus Come In 20 Years?

The first Focus was revealed before social media, flat-screen TVs and the Millennium Dome. How much has changed between that car and the All-New Focus?

A Ford GT In Classic Gulf Livery Is A Guaranteed Hit

This is the Ford GT Heritage Edition, and we think you'll agree that it looks rather special in Gulf racing livery! It's not just a new paintjob though - check out all the details here.

Missing Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Prototype Found After 50 Years

It'd be hard to lose a car for 50 years, let alone a priceless Mustang prototype. Luckily, it has now been found and will be treated to a thorough restoration.

The First-Ever Ford Mustang Was Very Nearly Scrapped

Read the fascinating story of the very first Ford Mustang and how it was abandoned in a garage for almost thirty years. How much do you think it's worth now?

Classic Ford Mustangs Could Have Looked Very Different

We've rummaged through Ford's archive and found some very interesting - and slightly strange - Mustang prototypes from the 1960s and 1970s. Imagine if the Mustang had ever looked like any of these!

Check Out This Ultra-Rare Ford GTX1 Roadster

Reported to be one of only 30 ever built, this convertible Ford GT has a unique paint scheme and is likely to fetch over $500,000 when it goes up for sale next month.

How Do You Feel About A Self-Driving '65 Ford Mustang?

Old-school meets state-of-the-art tech in this autonomous Mustang. Read our blog for all the details, and decide whether you think it's a good idea or not.

What To Expect At The 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed - Preview

Ford's taking a lot of cool things to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, including the original Mustang Bullitt, a Ford GT that raced at this year's Le Mans and an M-Sport Fiesta World Rally Championship car.

Let's Bust A Myth About The Ford Model T

Henry Ford famously said that customers could have their Model T in any colour, as long as it was black. What's the story behind the red one we had at one of our dealerships, then?

Cute Fiat 500 Spiaggina Edition Wants To Go To The Beach

To celebrate 60 years since the first Fiat 500 Jolly, or Spiaggina, both Fiat and Pininfarina have created special edition cars. Soon you'll be able to buy one of these!

See a Ford GT and Escort Cosworth At Our Showroom Now!

We're lucky to have some real gems from Ford's heritage fleet with us at one of our showrooms. Hurry down if you want to see some classic performance cars - they won't be here for long!

50th Anniversary Ford Mustang Bullitt UK Pricing Revealed

The Ford Mustang Bullitt is coming to the UK! We think the price is pretty good value, considering it has a 475hp V8, a sports exhaust and some absolutely gorgeous styling upgrades.