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Connecting you to genius

They’ve done it again! The fantastic team at MS-RT in Pontypool have taken another Ford vehicle, this time the Ford Transit Connect and have transformed it into a highly modified beast of a vehicle that not only sounds the part but looks it too.

For those not familiar with the modifying programme, the Ford QVM is a list of accredited specialist converters and includes big names such as VFS, Paneltex and Sortimo to name a few. All of the QVM accredited converters operate in the exact standards as Ford and offer the same guarantees and warranties. The Pontypool outfit had the Transit Custom approved for the QVM programme last year which looks awesome. Why not check it out - MS-RT Custom. It’s now the turn of the Connect and they have outdone themselves again with this model as it really is a head turner.

MS-RT Transit Connect

You begin by ordering your base vehicle and this can be of any specification or trim from the Transit Connect range and MS-RT will do the rest at its factory in South Wales. This will include body kits, wheels, exhaust, interior and the Connect even comes with a bespoke sticker pack should you wish. They have also produced a limited run of 40 launch edition short-based vans, finished in Magnetic Grey and a ‘Limited Edition’ numbered plaque. Next year the long-wheel based vans will also be available so watch this space.

We at Hartwell have visited the factory and it’s clear to see why the work involved requires the firm to be a QVM but also why they feature on the programme in the first place. MS-RT have some of the most experienced designers and advanced product techniques in place. The process from start to finish really is impressive and their bespoke work and attention to detail is unique. On our recent visit we were taken on a guided tour of the factory and through each stage from the injection moulding of the body panels through to the sanding down of parts to priming, polishing, spray painting and eventually fitting of the parts. We even got to experience the nappa leather interior seat coverings and head rests being made and fitted. We watched the Connect truly come to life and when up close with the finished product you really do appreciate the work and craftsmanship that goes into making these tailor-made vehicles.

MS-RT Transit Connect
MS-RT Transit Connect

Overall the drive and performance of the Connect is exciting and it sounds amazing (this is helped by Maxhaust) which uses a marine speaker fitted underneath the van to create a realistic exhaust noise which roars. The interior brings you maximum comfort with heated seats as an addition and the steering is sharp and communicative. So if you are looking for something unique, something fierce, something that is bespoke and tailored to you then MS-RT is the way forward, and our Transit Centre’s at Hartwell stock the Custom and Connect models.

Why not visit one of our Transit Centre’s for more information or to test drive and see for yourself what amazing vehicles MS-RT produce.

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