Sebastien Loeb drives Peugeot 208 | Hartwell

Does Sebastien Loeb Really Need Help Parking?

Peugeot says that even nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb needs a helping hand in the city but, judging by this video, we’re not sure he does! He’s taken the wheel of the Peugeot 208 in what looks like the top level of an abandoned car park, and is meant to be showing off the car’s standard and optional safety technology.

Across the 208 range, you can enjoy a huge treasure chest of tech that’s designed to improve your experience and, more importantly, keep you safe. Automatic emergency braking is fitted to reduce the damage caused by an accident, or completely stop you from colliding with the car in front. It works up to 20mph, thanks to a sensor fitted at the top of the windscreen that can see moving or stationary cars in front.

You can also have cruise control, a park assist system with a colour reversing camera and audible warning, and a function that automatically calls the emergency services if the airbags or seatbelt pretensioners deploy. There’s also a seven-inch touchscreen system that shows traffic updates, local fuel stations, points of interest and local weather.

Loeb isn’t really paying much attention to those aids, though. Quick reactions help avoid a nasty-looking collision with a recklessly moving concrete slab. A high-speed reverse slalom is just showing off, really, and he finishes with a handbrake turn into a parking space. Slightly grazing the back of the Peugeot in the process. Maybe he does need a hand after all. In between those stunts, it’s a mix of wheel spin, handbrake turns and smug Gallic smirks. There isn’t even a hint of him sweating or having any difficulty. We’re not jealous…

Hopefully it goes without saying, but don't try this at home or in your local NCP. This video features a professional driver and a closed space. And an annoying voiceover guy.

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