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Electric SEAT Miis on charge

Electric SEAT Miis are Being Tested in Barcelona​

By 2025, it’s estimated that over 36 million people worldwide will be using car sharing services. It’ll be less important to own a car in future, and it’ll become more popular to hail a car for whenever you need it. After all, your car is probably stationary for most of the time. SEAT’s getting ready for this change by introducing a fleet of electric Mii city cars for the employees of a large company in Barcelona. If this pilot project is successful, it will likely be rolled out in wider areas.

Users simply reserve a car via a mobile app, and there’s no physical key for each eMii. You’ll get a digital key sent to your phone which, according to SEAT employees, is very easy and intuitive to use. They add that it’s practical and ideal for Barcelona’s bustling city streets. Once you’ve finished with the car, all you need to do is return it and plug it back on charge so it’s ready for the next person.

The benefits, then, are clear to see. Only using cars when you need them should eventually mean less congestion and pollution in cities – especially as these eMiis are electric. They can currently manage around 160km, or 100 miles, but they’re likely to have improved range in the future as SEAT draws on VW’s electric experience. The batteries are located where the petrol tank would be, and can be recharged in eight hours on a normal charger and in as little as 35 minutes on a fast charger.

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