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10 millionth Ford Mustang

Ford Builds 10 Millionth Mustang​

It might not look particularly special, but this unassuming Ford Mustang convertible is the 10 millionth stallion to roll off the company’s production line. Ford celebrated by inviting 60 owners from all Mustang generations, and used the cars to spell out 10 million.

While it might look pretty standard at first glance, this Mustang is painted in a special colour. The very first Mustang convertible ever sold – a pre-production model from 1964 – wore Wimbledon White paint, and a matching shade adorns this new car. These cars have a third thing in common too: the Mustang’s signature V8 engine, albeit with very different power outputs. Compared to the new car’s reported 460hp, the 164hp of the original car seems very tame now. You can get Ford Fiestas with more power than that.

10 millionth Mustang next to first one
Queue of Mustangs

Since that first-ever Mustang left the factory, six generations have earned worldwide fandom and sold in massive numbers. It was incredibly popular immediately – Ford sold a staggering 22,000 on the first day of sales. Through the dire years when US oil prices killed off many performance cars, the Mustang was watered down – some versions only had 85hp – but the original pony car kept its fan base and remained popular. Now, it’s a full-blooded sports car with at least 450hp, loads of tech and heritage.

“Many vehicles have hit the 10 million mark over the years,” says Matt Anderson, head of transportation at the Henry Ford Museum, “but they tend to be either practical family cars or long-running, utilitarian haulers – like the Ford F-150. [The] Mustang is a fun car, and that makes its 10 million milestone all the more impressive.”

Mustangs spelled out in the shape of 10 million

Ford could have chosen to create an amazing one-off to celebrate this achievement, but instead went for a more restrained colour scheme. The Mustang factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, held a ceremony to mark the occasion last night, culminating in the amazing picture above. Despite the powerful V8 and six-speed manual gearbox, it’s unlikely this particular car will cover many miles. The company looks set to keep the 10 millionth Mustang, but may wheel it out at shows and events.

The new Mustang is just about to arrive at your nearest Hartwell dealership. There’ll be a Bullitt special edition available from launch, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Steve McQueen’s stunning 1968 Mustang featured in the Bullitt film from the same year. You’ll be able to purchase the 2018 Bullitt for under £50,000.

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