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Ford helps to tackle the issue of plastic waste

Ford plastic bottles
Ford plastic bottles
Ford plastic bottles

Sustainability and saving our planet. A topic on everyone’s minds and something that couldn’t be more relevant in this current climate. Plastic waste is a huge problem in our world today but Ford are doing their bit to try to combat this growing issue.

Did you know that every Ford EcoSport SUV produced, is now fitted with carpets made from using hundreds of single-use plastic drinking bottles. That’s right – plastic bottles… AMAZING ! It is an incredible stat in that within just 6 years, the bottles used would stretch to more than twice around the world and every year Ford’s use of recycled plastics globally prevents 1.2 billion bottles being dumped.

The EcoSport was launched globally in 2012 which means it has provided a new lease of life for millions of plastic bottles since then. Consumers have a huge part to play in this war on plastic and are more than aware of the harm that discarding plastic can do to our planet. Coming up with sustainable ideas on how to reduce this waste is key.

The process involved is innovative as bottles and their caps are shredded Into tiny flakes. These are then heated at a whopping 260°C and melted down before being formed in to fibres the width of a single human hair. The fibres are spun into a yarn by twisting multiple fibres together, and this material is then woven into carpets. Incredible!

We say hats off to Ford for coming up with an innovative and clever way of reducing plastic waste.

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