Ford Looks to Improve Mental Health Awareness | Hartwell
Two men with an elephant in a Ford Transit

Ford Looks to Improve Mental Health Awareness with ‘Time to Change’ Campaign​

It’s estimated that 1 in 4 people will face mental illnesses at some point throughout their lifetime, and Ford is looking to reduce the stigma surrounding discussions on mental health. The company’s research suggests that many people feel more comfortable talking about any issues on the road, be it in a car or van.

This advert shows that people, especially men, are still reluctant to talk about mental health issues. The driver asks his mate if he’s still on for Friday night, but the response is non-committal and muted. Mental health is shown to be the elephant in the room, or the Transit van, but it’s an important topic that needs to be brought up.

In conjunction with the ‘Time to Change’ campaign, fronted by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, Ford has released five tips on how to offer support to your mates when something’s wrong:

  • Text or call them – start small
  • Find a good time and place
  • Go for a coffee or a drink
  • Ask them how they are, and listened without judging
  • Treat them the same

“Having a mental health problem can be incredibly isolating,” says Sue Baker OBE, the director of Time to Change. “But knowing that there are people around you who care, and will listen without judgement, can make all the difference.”

Matt Loynes, a Ford engineer, adds: “A vehicle is a great place to start talking because it’s your own private bubble, where you’re on a journey together and you’re shoulder to shoulder.”

Ford has also signed the Time to Change employer pledge to promote mental health awareness in the workplace.