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Get Ready: 40 Electric Ford Models Are Coming​

Earlier this year, Ford announced that it’s ramping up its investments in electric vehicles to a staggering $11bn (£7.9bn) by 2022. The plan eventually includes 40 hybrid or electric models, of which six are set to be revealed in the next three years.

Don’t worry, you won’t have the headache of choosing from 40 different models in your local dealership. That headline figure is across Ford’s global divisions, so many of the models will be only sold in America, China or developing nations. Out of that number, it’s reported that as many as 16 are set to be fully electric and the remaining 24 will be plug-in hybrids.

So which cars are we likely to get in the UK? Despite slow sales over here and in America, it’s likely that there’ll be an electric version of the all-new Focus. Sales of the last Focus Electric, shown in this picture, were disappointing in both the UK and US, but this investment should mean that the battery technology will have improved enough to take on the new Nissan Leaf and VW e-Golf.

In America, Ford’s slashing most of the models that aren’t SUVs, so we’re expecting that the EcoSport, Edge, Fiesta Active and perhaps the Kuga will all feature electric power in some form. It’ll probably be a petrol-hybrid combination, like the current Mondeo Hybrid.

And if you think an EcoBoost Mustang isn’t a real Mustang, you might want to sit down. The next Mustang model is expected to be available as a hybrid. It’s not necessarily bad news. Hybridisation could allow the car to offer far more low down grunt and “V8-like performance.” And, it’ll mean you won’t have to give it an expensive drink quite so often.

“We’re taking our mainstream vehicles – our most iconic vehicles – and we’re electrifying them,” chairman Bill Ford said. “If we want to be successful with electrification, we have to do it with vehicles that are already popular.”

Would you drive a hybrid Mustang?

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