Hartwell | Bath Closure

Hartwell Bath Closure

Dear Customers

It is with tremendous regret that we announce the closure of our Bath motor dealership and Bodyshop on 28 February 2019.Unfortunately the building needs a significant upgrade to bring it to a suitable standard and the high cost of this means that the required investment cannot be justified.We have explored what other options are available for the business and the building but unfortunately have not identified anything suitable and so sadly closure is our only option.

We do understand that it is a worrying time for customers when a business ceases trading.However, rest assured that Hartwell Bath is part of a larger company, Hartwell Automotive Group Limited, which will ensure we maintain our contractual obligations to our customers and are also on hand to deal with any queries you might have.

We are pleased to announce our preferred partnership with Saltford Motor Services Limited (“Saltford Motors”), at 491 Bath Road, Saltford, BS31 3HQ which is less than 4 miles from Hartwell Bath.Saltford Motors will continue to supply the following services to our customers: Hartwell Service Plan Services, Hartwell Warranty repairs (including MOT Test Repairs provided Saltford carry out the MOT), and Hartwell Saturday Club Bookings.Further details of how to obtain these services from Saltford Motors are given in the FAQs below.

The best way to get in touch with us if you have any queries is by e-mail to customer.care@hartwell.co.uk.However, the answer to some common questions you may have are below:-


1.I bought a Citroen or Peugeot service plan and had my servicing carried out at Hartwell Bath, what do I do now?

You can have this service carried out at Saltford Motors who you can contact on 01225 873172 or warren@saltfordmotors.co.uk.Alternatively you can have the service undertaken at any Citroen/Peugeot Authorised Repairer, your closest dealer can be found at https://www.citroen.co.uk/find-a-dealer or https://www.peugeot.co.uk/find-a-dealer/

2.I bought a Hartwell Service Plan and had my servicing carried out at Hartwell Bath, what do I do now?

Contact us at saltford@hartwell.co.uk and we will advise you how to make a booking at Saltford Motors.

3.I bought a Hartwell Warranty, where can I use this?

You can use the warranty at Saltford Motors or at any Hartwell dealer https://www.hartwell.co.uk/find-a-dealership/ (and your MOT Test Insurance will also be remain valid provided the MOT is carried out at a Hartwell dealer or by Saltford Motors).You can also use the warranty (but not the MOT test cover) at any VAT registered garage provided this is agreed in advance with our warranty administrator, Car Care Plan, who can be contacted on 0844 573 8005.

4.I am a member of the Saturday Club, what do I do now?

Send details of your Saturday Club membership i.e. the invoice, to saturdayclub@hartwell.co.uk and we will confirm your eligibility and give you evidence of this to provide to Saltford Motors.You can then make you usual bookings directly with Saltford Motors by contacting them on 01225 873172 or warren@saltfordmotors.co.uk

5.I purchased GAP insurance from Hartwell Bath, is this still valid?

Yes, our GAP insurance is provided by Premia and remains in force.If you need to make a claim please contact them via their website at https://www.premiasolutions.com/ContactUs.Older policies may have been provided by Car Care Plan (it will say who the provider is on your documentation) who can be contacted on 0844 573 8000.

6.I have finance for my vehicle or for supplementary products supplied by Hartwell Finance Limited or another finance provider organised by Hartwell Finance Limited, is this impacted by the closure?

No and you can contact Hartwell Finance Limited with any queries on 01865 861333.

7.I purchased a Citroen from Hartwell Bath that is under warranty, where do I take it for warranty repairs?

You can have this warranty repairs carried out at Saltford Motors who can be contacted on 01225 873172 or warren@saltfordmotors.co.uk.Alternatively, this can be carried out at any Citroen Authorised Repairer, your closest dealer can be found at https://www.citroen.co.uk/find-a-dealer

8.My car was repaired at your Bodyshop and I was given a guarantee as to the workmanship, what happens now?

This guarantee remains valid.If you have any queries contact customer.care@hartwell.co.uk and provide full details; if necessary will arrange for any rectification work to be carried out by an approved Bodyshop.Please note that we will only have given you a guarantee if you paid for the entire work yourself, if your work was paid for by an Insurer the guarantee of workmanship will be governed by them and you should direct your queries to them.

9.Where should I buy my cars from now if I do not want to travel to another Hartwell dealer?

We highly recommend Saltford Motors who sell new Vauxhalls, Citroens and Peugeots and a wide range of high quality used cars https://www.saltfordmotors.co.uk/

10.I have a problem with a car I bought from Hartwell Bath, what should I do?

Contact us on customer.care@hartwell.co.uk with details of your issue.If necessary, we can arrange for your car to be repaired at Saltford Motors or one of our other Hartwell dealerships.

Finally, may I thank you for your past loyal service and wish you all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Godfrey

Managing Director