How Ford is Using Emoji's to Help Cyclists to Communicate | Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Herefordshire & Bedfordshire | Hartwell
Ford Emoji Jacket

Cyclists are exposed to a lot of danger on the roads, but Ford EU has a way to help prevent miscommunication between drivers and cyclists on the road!

Ford EU have implemented a the campaign 'Share the Road' to improve cycling safety. They designed a jacket with a LED light display on the back, which lights up with various emojis to convey the cyclist movements and emotions. The Jacket is controlled via a wireless handlebar mounted remote, this allows the rider to select a symbol that coveys either turning signals, warnings as well as happy and sad faces to express the cyclists emotions.

Ford EU Emoji Jacket Image

The jacket is designed to enforce safer communication between cyclists and the rest of the rod traffic. The concept was look at by Emoji expert Dr. Neil Cohn PHD, who defines emojis as "a fundamental part of how we use language". Ford believes their vision based on this research will help to "foster harmony between road users...making our roads a better and more accepting environment for all." The jacket is still within in prototype developmental stages and in unavailable to buy as of yet, but could be introduced to us soon. We look forward to seeing Ford's concept in action very soon. It will also be interesting to see the changes in road safety in the future.

Ford EU Emoji Jacket Image

Article written by Marketing Executive: Eleanor Sanmogan