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How the colour red could help improve electric vehicle range

Many studies show that colour preferences change our mood, responses and even how we are seen on social media. Ford are researching this response to colour in their electric vehicles and matching these colours to extend electric vehicle range.

​The new battery-electric Transit Smart Energy concept bus that Ford are working on, uses ambient lighting to give passengers the illusion of warmth with red lights and cooler environments with blue lights. This is to help lift the strain exerted on the air-con system and be redistributed and used for mileage. 

Further researched investigated by The national Renewable Energy Laboratory, in the U.S. shows that using the climate control systems in battery-electric vehicles can diminish the driving range by 50%. The larger vehicles such as minibuses require more energy to circulate the interior temperature. 

Ford tested their new 10-seater concept at their Weather Factory in Germany. Their results showed that the ambient lighting made passengers feel more comfortable at 0 degrees, replicating a cold winter’s day and 30 degrees, replicating a hot summer’s day. At both temperatures passengers felt comfortable due to the ambient lighting. As a result the reduced the power usage of the climate system: by 3.3% for cooling and 2.5% for heating. We look forward to seeing more developments with this type of technology and look forward to feeling warmer in the New Year!

Article written by Marketing Executive: Eleanor Sanmogan