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2020 Ford Mustang Electric SUV Could Be Called 'Mach E'

Ford has applied to trademark ‘Mach E’ and ‘Mach-E’, fuelling speculation that this could be the name given to the upcoming Mustang-based electric SUV.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid Gets Estate Version For The First Time

One of the most economical Mondeo models will be available as a practical estate from spring 2019. Read the latest details on the Ford Mondeo Hybrid Estate here.

Ford Transits To Get PHEV Hybrid Option In 2019

One of the first mass-market hybrid vans is coming to the UK next year. Read all about the upcoming Ford Transit PHEV, and how far it'll travel on electric power alone.

Get Ready: 40 Electric Ford Models Are Coming

Ford is planning a huge expansion of its electric car and hybrid range. Here are a few cars which could soon be available with electrified versions.

Electric SEAT Miis Are Being Tested In Barcelona

Initially it's only being run as a pilot scheme for SEAT employees, but technology from the VW e-Up could mean that an e-Mii is released soon. Find out all the latest details here.