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2020 Ford Mustang Electric SUV Could Be Called 'Mach E'

Ford has applied to trademark ‘Mach E’ and ‘Mach-E’, fuelling speculation that this could be the name given to the upcoming Mustang-based electric SUV.

MG eZS Revealed As Company's First Electric Car

The MG eZS is likely to come to the UK soon, with a decent electric range and a competitive price - read our blog for what we know so far.

Would You Give Up Flying To Save The Environment?

Taking a Ford Mondeo Hybrid to your next skiing holiday could be cheaper, easier and better for the environment than taking a plane. Read our blog to find out more.

Buy Your Electric Car Before The £4,500 Government Grant Ends

If you want to take advantage of the £4,500 EV grant, you don't have long left - it ends on Friday 9th November 2018. Read all the latest details here.

Renault Unveils Tiny K-ZE Electric SUV At Paris Motor Show

This chunky little SUV could come to the UK in the next couple of years. It's well-equipped and ideal for urban drivers - find out more by clicking here.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid Gets Estate Version For The First Time

One of the most economical Mondeo models will be available as a practical estate from spring 2019. Read the latest details on the Ford Mondeo Hybrid Estate here.

Ford Transits To Get PHEV Hybrid Option In 2019

One of the first mass-market hybrid vans is coming to the UK next year. Read all about the upcoming Ford Transit PHEV, and how far it'll travel on electric power alone.

Renault Zoe Named Best-Value Electric Car

With prices coming down, a hefty Government grant and increasing range, now could be the perfect time for you to join the electric car revolution...

Get Ready: 40 Electric Ford Models Are Coming

Ford is planning a huge expansion of its electric car and hybrid range. Here are a few cars which could soon be available with electrified versions.

Electric SEAT Miis Are Being Tested In Barcelona

Initially it's only being run as a pilot scheme for SEAT employees, but technology from the VW e-Up could mean that an e-Mii is released soon. Find out all the latest details here.