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Four-door Mustang render

Is A Four-Door Ford Mustang Really Coming Soon?​

Ford has reportedly told North American dealers that a four-door Mustang is on the cards. The company is aiming high – if this car comes to fruition, it would go up against luxury models like the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera.

The only image we have so far is this speculative render from X-Tomi Design, but we think it looks quite appealing. The wheelbase is much longer, to accommodate the more spacious rear seats and doors, but overall it looks quite balanced. If it does look like this, it is likely to be quite popular in the UK and overseas.

And it still has those bonnet vents, which is promising. Despite Ford recently teasing a hybrid Mustang, the Blue Oval assured North American dealers that a turbocharged V8 engine would still be part of the line-up. It may be detuned from the 450hp available in the coupe, though.

Ford is looking to capitalise on the Mustang brand as much as possible, in a similar way that Fiat has created the 500L and 500X from the 500 hatchback. Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean a Mustang MPV is on the way. A so-called Mach 1 SUV is on the horizon, however, and it’ll take design cues from the Mustang.

If a four-door Mustang makes production, the interior will be much more luxurious. As Mustang6g reported, the car will compete against Audis and Porsches, so it’s expected that such a model would bring a big increase in price. The Mustang brand may become a separate off-shoot to the Ford mainland in time.

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