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Renault Clio RS models with RS Performance parts

Make Your Renault Clio RS Even Sportier With RS Performance Parts

If you like the Renault Clio RS but wished it looked more like a racing car, your prayers have been answered. Renault Sport has introduced an RS Performance parts catalogue, featuring everything you could possibly want to make your Clio look as serious as possible.

Tick everything and it’ll resemble the Clio R.S. 16 concept, which threw out the back seats and shoehorned the Megane RS’ 2.0-litre 275hp engine. This time, there’s no change to the 200hp turbocharged 1.6-litre engine, but you can opt for carbon-fibre bucket seats that wouldn’t be out of place on a Le Mans car.

Renault Clio RS with optional carbon fibre bucket seats
Renault Clio RS with RS Performance spoiler

Outside, there are plenty more choices to make. You can have a steroid-filled body kit, a spoiler from a Clio Cup racing car, Turini lightweight alloy wheels in black or red, RS Performance graphics and even a lighter bonnet made from exposed carbon-fibre. Underneath, myriad performance upgrades are available, and you can complete the look with RS-branded tools – everything from a torque wrench and a tool set to a garage jack and a tilting lift.

Bear in mind that these parts don’t come cheap. That spoiler will set you back €1,249, while you’ll be paying €1,800 for the carbon-fibre bonnet and €2,000 for the bodykit. Plus, Renault adds that some of the additions are only for track use.

Renault Clio RS with RS Performance tools

“R.S. Performance is a product offering that bridges the gap between sports and racing cars,” says Guillaume Calvar from Renault Sport. “It is our way of giving track enthusiasts everything they need to customise their Renault Sport vehicle and make it a beautiful, high-performance track day car. And they can now do that with the guarantee of Renault Sport quality and service.”

Soon, you’ll be able to order similarly racy parts for the Megane RS and previous models too.

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