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MG eZS Revealed As Company’s First Electric Car​​

MG has unveiled the eZS, a fully electric version of the popular ZS SUV. It was showcased at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China, before a more detailed reveal that will happen next month. The eZS is likely to come to the UK in the next couple of years, and here’s everything we know about it so far.

The first thing we know is that it’ll have an impressive range between charges. Reports suggest that the eZS will use a 148hp electric motor, which means a claimed range of 286 miles on the old NEDC cycle. In the real world, you should be able to expect around 250 miles – still plenty for most people. Unlike a petrol or diesel engine, all the power from an electric motor is available immediately, so acceleration will be quicker than you might expect. It’ll certainly feel very nippy around town.

MG eZS interior

MG has chosen to make the eZS look almost identical to the petrol versions, perhaps to make electric cars feel normal. The starry grille may be fared in, as there’s no need for air vents to cool the engine, and there are new alloy wheels with a stylish design. We’d like the striking blue paintwork to make it to our showroom, too. Inside, there’ll be a new gauge to show how far you can travel before needing to recharge.


Because electric technology is still quite new, the MG eZS will cost more than a similar model with a combustion engine. It could cost around £20,000 if it comes to the UK – still good value for an electric car, and it would be eligible for the government’s £2,500 grant too.

MG has enjoyed rapid expansion and success recently. It has sold considerably more cars this year than last, and is Britain’s fastest growing car company as a result. The brand is also expected to bring the newly revealed HS SUV to our shores next year, to replace the GS.

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