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MG3 Could Provide An Affordable Way Into Motor Racing

MG is developing a low-cost racing car based on the MG3, which will be revealed in early 2019. It aims to allow more people to get into motorsport, as racing tends to be a very expensive sport. Take part in this scheme and you could convert an MG3 into a race car for as little as £5,000.

Up until now, the MG Car Club only accepted older and heritage cars into their races. Now, the regulations have been opened up to include the MG3 as well, offering a cheaper way into racing. Used MG3s are incredibly affordable, and tend to be in better condition than many classic models that cost more. With this change, MG is opening the doors for increased participation in the Championship – especially for young people.

To further highlight the commitment to youth talent, the entry fees for a weekend’s racing have been slashed for under 25s. At half price, the £300 entry fee is very reasonable for two days of pedal-to-the-metal motorsport.

The focus on youth is even deeper than that, though, as this is a project headed up by interns at MG and parent company SAIC. “The Intern Project has provided a great opportunity to work on something slightly different, and gain valuable experience of helping to develop a new low-cost race car,” says intern Joanna Burland.

You’ll be able to race an MG3 in the MG Cup invitational class from next year, but the 2019 will act as a testbed for future development. The 2020 campaign will be the first where MG3 drivers will be able to pick up full points.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, the MG Cup has been designed to be a challenge for any racer, regardless of their ability or age, with costs being as low as possible.

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