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This Tourneo Connect has over a million kilometres on the clock

Million-Kilometre Ford Tourneo Connect Is King Of The Most Reliable Cars

Recently we revealed that the Ford Fiesta and Focus are among the most reliable used cars you can buy, but Ford’s record for impeccable dependability goes much further than that. With the right maintenance, you can be sure that your vehicle will keep going as long as you need it to.

How can we be so sure? We’ve found a story that might just soothe any fears you have if your car’s high mileage. Irish taxi driver James Foley reached the end of his speedometer earlier this year, after travelling an astonishing 999,999 kilometres (621,371 miles) in his trusty Ford Tourneo Connect MPV.

That’s equivalent to 25 times around the world! We’ve worked out that this Tourneo Connect has also chomped through 200 tyres and a slightly gut-wrenching £70,000 in diesel.

The odometer needed to be manually reset after 999,999km

But Foley didn’t have much cause to celebrate when the odometer hit its maximum, because it didn’t have an automatic reset. Most cars don’t make it anywhere near this figure before they’re scrapped. Luckily, his local Ford garage in Wexford reset the counter for free, so Foley can keep on driving way past the million-kilometre mark.

He says the Tourneo Connect has been completely reliable throughout the ten years he’s driven it, thanks to religiously sticking to the service schedule. With Foley’s long-distance taxi-driving, it requires a service every three months.

“There’s no reason why she won’t be good for another million [kilometres]!” he says.

If you’re looking to maintain your Ford so it’ll carry on being reliable, our trained technicians are the perfect people to keep you on the road. Or, if it’s time to upgrade your high-miler, you can find your next mile-muncher for affordable price with Hartwell.

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