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New Mountune Kit Adds Power To Ford Focus ST Diesel​

You’d probably choose a Ford Focus ST Diesel over the petrol car if you wanted the sportiness and decent fuel economy. The petrol version offers more horsepower, but long-time Ford tuner Mountune can close the gap between the diesel and the petrol.

The m460D upgrade doesn’t consist of any major changes, but it frees an extra 20hp from the engine. That takes the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine up to the right side of 200hp, but the torque is often more important in a diesel. With the Mountune fettling, torque is up by 37lb ft – it’s now just 15lb ft shy of the seriously fast Ford Focus RS.

That healthy serving means great things for the car’s real-world speed. The 0-62mph time drops to 7.4 seconds, which is a noticeable 0.7 seconds faster than the standard ST Diesel. In-gear acceleration from 31-62mph is punchier by half a second too.

The changes really are minor. The kit consists of an OBDII flashing cable, a little performance recalibration and a dongle – plus the Mountune badge, of course. That’s probably worth the price alone. Currently, it’s only available for cars equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox.

Because it’s a smallish upgrade, it offers good value for money. Mountune will let you install it yourself for £429, or you can knock on their door and pay £350 for them to install it instead. It’s dearer for DIY tuners because of a couple of extra parts are included. A comparable upgrade for a petrol ST costs around double that.

With the All-New Focus reaching Hartwell showrooms already, it looks like this is your last chance if you want to buy a current Focus ST Diesel. Right now, you can find great value, low mileage models at our Kidlington, Hereford and Grimsby dealerships – find a bargain!

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