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Ford Wants To Get Rid Of Traffic Lights

Junctions could soon be very scary as cars may closely pass each other without stopping - Ford is testing autonomous technology that works in a similar way to pedestrians avoiding collisions. Read more details here.

Classic Ford Mustangs Could Have Looked Very Different

We've rummaged through Ford's archives and found some very interesting - and quite strange - Mustang prototypes. Imagine if the Mustang had ever looked like one of these!

Would You Take A Ride In A Ford Focus RS Taxi?

This is a taxi with a difference - in a picturesque Norwegian town, you can hitch a ride in a 350hp Ford Focus RS. Hands up - who wants to be the first in line to get in in the passenger seat?

SEAT Leon Cupra vs A Horse Is Probably The Weirdest Comparison Ever

If you're confused, don't worry. We are too. SEAT has raced a Leon Cupra ST against a horse in a test of speed and agility, and the result might be what you expected.

Our Mascot Hugo Is Enjoying 'Take Your Dog To Work' Day!

See what our mascot got up to when he came into work with us!