Road Safety Awareness Week November 18th-24th | Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Herefordshire & Bedfordshire | Hartwell

Road Safety Awareness Week November 18th-24th

At Hartwell we take road safety very seriously. That's why we are getting involved in national Road Safety Week to give you as drivers helpful tips and promote safer driving.

Road safety is extremely important not only to drivers but to pedestrians and cyclists. A survey from showed, there were 25,511 serious injuries in road traffic accidents reported to the police in 2018. Shockingly, a total of 1,784 people were killed in reported road traffic accidents in Great Britain in 2018.

As the weather worsens as we slowly enter winter it’s important that not only are we safe drivers but that our vehicles are taken care of too.

As a part of Road safety Week we encourage you to take the Brake Pledge:

This pledge focuses on six key factors:​

  1. SLOW - Drive slowly and watch your speed
  2. SOBER -

We are asking drivers to minimise the amount they need to drive, to drive slowly and smoothly and to make their routes as safe as possible!

Here are some simple checks you can do to ensure you have a safe journey

1. Check your screen wash is topped up.

During the more windy and rainy seasons more debris and dirt can end up on your windscreen and obscure your view. Make sure this is topped up to maintain a clear view of the road.

2. Check that all your car lights are working​ and are cleaned regularly. 

During the darker periods transitioning into winter, you will be using your headlights as well as your brakes a lot more. If you have a blown brake light bulb, you could receive a penalty notice from the police. This also means that other users are unable to see you as clearly during wintry conditions, so make sure all your lights are working and that there is no dirt obscuring the light​. 

3. Check your tyres every few weeks.

During cold and icy conditions you will make more use of your tyres in order to grip onto the road. Therefore, you’ll need the adequate tread depth of 2mm on all of your tyres. You can do this check using a 20p coin, please follow the video for more information.

Article written by Marketing Executive: Eleanor Sanmogan