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Latest SEAT News and Features​

How Does SEAT Make Sure Your Car Is Fit For Winter?

Each year, SEAT engineers spend up to 10 weeks in the Arctic Circle, testing to make sure your car will still work even in -25 degrees. Read more details here.

These Amazing Cars Were All Released In 2018

We've taken a look back through the year and found all the cars that first appeared on our forecourts in 2018. Which is your favourite?

5 Of The Best New Cars Coming In 2019

Plenty of brilliant new cars came out this year and, by the looks of it, 2019 will be a great year too! Check out some of the best new cars you can expect to see next year.

SEAT Tarraco SUV UK Prices Officially Revealed

You can now order the seven-seat SEAT Tarraco SUV, which starts from £28,320 in the UK. Explore this new car and all the details by reading our blog.

Seven Cupra Models Will Be On Sale By 2021

Cupra is set for a busy few years, as a whole range of new performance models will be unveiled by 2021. Read our blog for more details about what you can expect.

Cupra Ateca Compared To Porsche Macan In Review

A mix of speed, practicality and quality make the Cupra Ateca a fantastic car. If you want a fast SUV but can't stretch to a Porsche, this is the one for you.

First Standalone Cupra SUV Could Be Called ‘Terramar’, A SEAT Version Will Follow

A leaked image may show how the first Cupra-only model will look. It'll have all of the sharp design cues you'd expect, and plenty of power too.

2019 SEAT Leon Spotted Under Heavy Camouflage Again

Here's your latest look at the upcoming SEAT Leon, which has been disguised while it's in development. Read all the latest details here.

Order Your 300hp Cupra Ateca SUV Now

Want a fast SUV but don't want to pay loads of money for it? The Cupra Ateca is now available from our dealerships, and starts from just £35,900. Click here for all the latest information.

Could You Be Buying The World Car Of The Year?

The shortlist has been announced, and a few of our cars are in contention for one of the most prestigious awards in motoring. Click here to find out more!

SEAT Arona Will Be The Next Cupra SUV

Reports suggest SEAT is working on a fast version of the Arona crossover. It'll have 200hp and feature plenty of racy Cupra touches. Read all the latest details here.

Give Your SEAT Leon Cupra 370hp With ABT Upgrade

If you'd like some extra power from your Leon, let German tuners ABT Sportsline add a couple of tweaks. The upgrades are also available on most models throughout the Leon range.

Meet The Fully Electric, 670hp Cupra E-Racer

This aggressive-looking thing is the world's first-ever electric touring car, and it has the added benefit of 670hp. There's also a new special-edition Leon Cupra ST that you can order now - click here for all the details.

Here's Why You Should Buy Your Next Family Car From Hartwell

Two SEAT models have been named in lists of the best family cars on sale - read our blog to find out why you should buy an Arona or an Alhambra.

Top 5 Fastest Cars You Can Buy At Hartwell Right Now

With 300hp and four-wheel-drive, the SEAT Leon Cupra ST is one of the very fastest cars available at a Hartwell dealership. Where does its 0-62mph time place it in our list?

SEAT Tarraco SUV Takes On The Nurburgring

SEAT's upcoming seven-seat SUV has been spotted doing development laps of the infamous circuit. The Tarraco may not be going for records, but should be one of the best-driving family SUVs.

SEAT Leon Cupra vs A Horse Is Probably The Weirdest Comparison Ever

We're not really sure why, but SEAT has chosen to race its 300hp, four-wheel-drive Leon Cupra ST against a horse in a test of speed and agility. Who'll win?

Electric SEAT Miis Are Being Tested In Barcelona

There could be an electric SEAT Mii on the way, as the company has started testing the city cars in its home city of Barcelona. So far, it has a 100-mile range and can be accessed via an app.