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SEAT Mii Electric

100% Electric

The absolute perfect city car; with zero emissions, high safety rating and a pleasant simplicity of driving. The Bluetooth connectivity, sat nav and rear parking sensors makes driving this car a breeze. Enjoy yourself throughout every minute of city living with the compact Mii. Combining fresh stylish looks, frugal fuel consumption and the latest technology, it proves that small can be spectacular, especially in the context of urban life. When there’s so much to do and see, this city car will make sure you don’t miss any of the excitement.

SEAT Mii Electric
Ready to go?

A range of 161 miles and 0 - 32 mph in only 3.9 seconds with the automatic transmission.

The city is yours.

Emission-free zones? No problem. Tight parking? No sweat.

The SEAT Mii Electric is the right size and the right engine for your urban surroundings. The Mii's city-style is vibrant, creative, individual and has a high degree of personalisation. We guarantee that you’ll love driving your Mii even more when you’ve made it yours. Your Mii, your style.

This car is designed to complement your lifestyle, which is why it comes with the latest in infotainment and smart connectivity, On-Board Computer, a new multi-media sound system and its super-efficient engine. In short, it has everything you need to make your journeys special. You can drive with confidence and know you’re in safe hands as the New Seat Mii 5-door is equipped with a multitude of advanced safety features. You can rest assured that there is no compromise when it comes to protecting you and your passengers.

Seat Mii Electric: Heated sport seats
Seat Mii Electric: New dashboard
Seat Mii Electric: LED Mirror Lights
Heated sport seats

Front sports seats with inbuilt heating and ergonomic design add an extra touch of style and comfort to every drive.

New dashboard

Featuring a 5″ colour display, 6-speaker radio and ambient lighting, this unique dashboard keeps your smartphone in easy reach.

LED mirror lights

True style shines through. Exterior mirror indicator lights in the same colour as the car body light up the road.

To find out more about the new SEAT Mii Electric, register your interest today at your nearest Hartwell SEAT Dealership.