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New Ford Focus

See What Reviews Say About The All-New Ford Focus​

The completely redesigned and upgraded Ford Focus will be available to buy from the start of September, which really isn’t long to wait! It has been driven extensively this week by motoring websites and magazines, with all-round positive reviews. The new Focus has been praised for its superb driving ability, comfortable ride and wide breadth of ability amongst other things.

Check out these reviews if you still need convincing that the new Focus should be your next car:

Rating: 4.5 Stars

​What they say: ​"Ford faced a seemingly impossible mission with this Focus: to make it bigger inside, and more comfortable and refined, while regaining the high ground on handling and agility. And it has succeeded. This is a family car that will please keen drivers as much as families, and be every bit as comfy on a long journey as it is fun on a B-road. The Focus does feel like it could have a slightly wider breadth of ability than even the VW Golf - and if it can demonstrate this in the UK, then the final half-star looks well within reach.​"

Rating: 4.5 Stars

​What they say: ​"Head room is good in the front, the steering wheel adjusts widely and that there’s an electric parking brake means there’s more room on the centre console for storage.​ [...] ​In the back there’s really generous leg and head room and, because the rear window line extends a long way back, visibility is good and it’s airy too.​ [...] And it drives really nicely. As in: best-in-class nicely. The old Focus probably retired as still just about the best car in the class to drive and this improves things. It does things in that Fordy way. The ride has both a suppleness and composure to it; it’s really well controlled and athletic, but never harsh​."

​Rating: 4/5

​What they say: ​"Ford makes big claims about the effort it has gone to in making this car quiet at speed, and judging by our drive the lack of road noise is impressive, even in a class featuring the cultured Volkswagen Golf. And although you hear the flutter of wind noise from around its door mirrors, the Focus is always a lot quieter than an Octavia.​ [...] We love the uncluttered dashboard layout and the orderly instruments. In fact, these are so easy to read it makes the optional head-up display a welcome addition, but not absolutely necessary.​ For perceived quality, it knocks spots off the old Focus.​"

​Rating: 9/10

​What they say: ​"A Mercedes A-Class will impress your neighbours, but it’s you that drives your car not them. This Focus, if you get the better rear suspension, is the sweetest drive in the mainstream hatch class. Any family crossover would be into the weeds. (Even the torsion-beam setup is as good as most rival hatches, by the way.) The driving appeal comes from a balance of sweet engines, fine steering, great cornering and well-tuned ride. But success in a hatch isn’t just about the drive. The Focus has the rest of the bases well covered too."

Rating: 9/10

What they say: "The new Ford Focus’s dash certainly looks appealing, with a central band of shiny trim topped with a soft-touch section that spreads as far as the top of the door cards too. The buttons for the car’s climate control and other functions are all large and well labelled so are easy to hit while driving. [...] Two tall adults will have no problems with the amount of leg room and head room around the front seats, while the driver gets a decent amount of manual seat and steering wheel adjustment, as well as manual lumbar adjustment as standard. In the back, the Focus betters almost all alternatives for space. [...] With more advanced rear suspension fitted, the Focus is a joy to drive. In fact, it’s the best family car to drive full stop. Its steering feels natural, the car’s body control is great and the car manages to remain composed through corners no matter what you throw at it. ST-Line cars also benefit from suspension that has been lowered slightly for even better control through tight bends, but with no detriment to the Focus’s comfortable ride."

Rating: 4.1/5

What they say: "There's no denying today's Focus is a more handsome car than before. [...] The more distinctive style of the latest Focus' exterior is matched inside, where Ford boasts big improvements in interior quality. There's loads of space inside, too, and the boot is almost on a par with that of the Volkswagen Golf. Standard equipment is comprehensive on the entry-level Style, generous on the mid-range Titanium and opulent on the range-topping Vignale, with the ST-Line getting a sporty identity of its own and special features to suit. [...] It looks fresh and up to date inside and out, drives brilliantly and has all the technology most buyers will need. Some rivals may be more practical or upmarket, but the latest Ford Focus is a brilliantly talented all-rounder."

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