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Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger Raptor Will Go Anywhere You Point It​

Ford has revealed the full off-road specifications for the upcoming Ranger Raptor, and it’s safe to say there aren’t many places in the world that would be inaccessible for this truck. The Ranger was officially shown to the public at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover recently, and will be available to buy in the first half of 2019.

If you’re planning to head off-road, you’re going to need some extra ground clearance. Here, the Raptor delivers – it offers 56mm more than the already-quite-tall Ranger does. New front and rear bumpers mean the approach and departure angles are 32.5 degrees and 24 degrees respectively, which means you won’t get stuck or clout the bumpers on steep terrain.

The underbody has been strengthened dramatically, ensuring that the important components are protected. The Ranger already has shields for the engine and transfer case, but Ford has added a 23mm-thick steel bash plate underneath. In the Raptor, you’ll be able to go over terrain that you’d be uncomfortable to walk across!

Ford Ranger Raptor front end
Ford Ranger Raptor rear view
Ford Ranger Raptor interior

You’ll have noticed the extra height, and you might have noticed the extra width too. The wheels are 150mm further apart, so you’ll have to watch those speed restrictors slightly more carefully. But the wider track improves stability at speed and over rough ground. Those aspects of the ride are also helped by fancy racing suspension and six driving modes.

Only two of these modes are for on-road driving, which shows the pure breadth of ability the Ranger Raptor has.

For those rare occasions when you’re on tarmac, the Ranger is still mightily impressive. Trimmed in leather and Alcantara, the interior is very luxurious – and it includes all of the toys available on the top-spec Ranger models. It’ll tow loads of up to 3.5 tonnes, summit the steepest inclines and carry a payload of over a tonne.

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​Ford Ranger Raptor Specifications
​Ground clearance​283mm
​Approach angle​32.5 degrees
​Departure angle​24 degrees
​Bash plate​23mm high-strength steel
​Driving modes​6
​Towing capacity​3,500kg
​Gross payload​>1 tonne
​Wading depth​800mm
​Top Speed​106mph
​0-62mph​10.5 seconds
​Gearbox​10spd auto