New Citroen Berlingo

The New Citroen Berlingo Is Absolutely Rammed with Tech​

If you’re a bit of a technophobe, the brand new Citroen Berlingo may not be for you. It’s filled with the very latest safety and connectivity technology to help you enjoy every journey. Citroen aims to recapture the look and spirit of the original Berlingo, but with a lot of fancy gadgetry to keep it as fresh as its new, Cactus-inspired appearance.

Citroen says there are 19 driver assistance systems on board, including a full-colour head-up display, showing the speed you’re driving at, the area’s speed limit and the directions for your sat nav. The nav system is part of the eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system fitted across most of the range. You’ll also be able to spec wireless smartphone charging to keep your battery topped up, and a 180-degree reversing camera with a bird’s eye view.

Citroen Berlingo with boot open near lake

A four-wheel-drive version is unlikely, but the Berlingo makes up for that with grip control and five driving modes. It quickly adapts to the surface you’re on, and regulates the amount of traction each wheel has. Sounds clever, and it should work when the going gets muddy or frosty. You’ll have no problems traversing a tricky downhill slope, either. Tick the button for hill descent assist and the car will reduce your speed, even down steep inclines.

But the Berlingo also has versatility up its sleeve. Five or seven-seat models are available, with all of the seats bar the driver’s seat being able to fold flat individually. That makes it incredibly practical, able to haul massive lengths of timber, flatpack furniture or surfboards. Choose the larger model and you’ll have up to 4,000 litres of boot space at your disposal. Your only problem will be how to fill all that area!

Autocar has reviewed the Berlingo, and it gave this third-gen model a promising 4.5/5. It praised the practicality, equipment levels, vast passenger space, comfortable ride and the Puretech engine. As for the technology on offer, the website compared the Berlingo to a luxury saloon. High praise indeed!

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