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Debbie, two dogs and the MS-RT Ranger

What's The MS-RT Ranger Like To Live With?​

Last week we brought you our first impressions of the MS-RT Ranger, and this week we’ve taken it out and about to see what it’s like to live with. The tests were thorough – it’s met the family (and the pets), been to the supermarket and awakened the local town! Over to Debbie for her latest update:

“I got home and my partner looked at ‘The Beast’ longingly. I did have the fleeting thought ‘I wish he looked at me like that’ but guess that’s a bloke thing. He turned all manly and I swear he puffed out his chest a bit at the thought of going into town in it. After the third time around Cirencester, I had to call a halt to his showing off. I think the job of getting enough people to see us (and trying to squeeze into parking spaces) was done.

MS-RT Ranger in Cirencester
Debbie's mother-in-law was slightly overwhelmed by the Ranger

“A visit to Joyce, my 88-year-old mother-in-law put me in my place. As I tried to explain that it could carry loads, tow something massive and go into deep water, she simply said ‘yes dear, what time is my Tesco’s delivery coming again?’ Even when I took her outside to admire it, she nervously looked to see if any of her elderly neighbours were looking and I think she was timing how long it was before I was leaving. Well I guess not everyone can be a fan!

MS-RT Ranger parked by lake

“On Sunday, my man and I decided to take the MS-RT Ranger into the Cotswold countryside, bikes loaded in the back. We went to the lakes to impress the carp, and then took a ride in the autumn sunshine. Then we stumbled across our friends and their pooches, and gave them a lift to the park.

“The dogs were frankly a bit nervous at being hoisted up to sit in the spacious back seat. They kept looking around for the whole trip – probably to work out what was doing all the growling! Having parked pride of place at the top of the very lovely Cecily Hill, we were feeling like celebrities! Passers-by were asking ‘how much did it cost’ and sighing longingly. That said, we were soon put in our place by the smallest dog doing his business!

MS-RT Ranger branding
View from the wing mirror of the MS-RT Ranger
MS-RT Ranger in a filling station

“I’ve now dropped the beautiful MS-RT off home at the Abingdon Transit Centre and I’m back to normality. Initially I was determined to call the Ranger a ‘her’ but now I have to admit defeat and say that it is definitely a ‘him’. I’m sold – it’s fun, luxurious, practical and has an exciting edge. I might struggle to park in Waitrose but would definitely make alternative arrangements to have another go!”

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