DS fame began with the Citroën DS, launched in October 1955 at the Paris Motor Show held in the Grand Palais. The new model's design and technologies quite simply turned the automotive sector on its head.

The DS saga continues today with the Citroën DS3, DS3 Cabrio, DS4 and DS5, the models that make up the DS line and continue to uphold the Citroën's "Parisian" values and know-how. The DS line is unfailingly informed by the same culture of French-style luxury.

The DS4 is the pinnacle of the brand's values; a hatchback that doesn't compromise on comfort or practicality and thanks to its exemplary deign has the silhouette of a coupé. Inside there's ample room for five adults and plenty of storage space with large passenger door pockets front under seat drawers and cooled centre console storage.

The above made ready like any quality, modern hatchback but the fact of the matter is Citroën have made the DS4 a luxury object. It's interior and equipment is refined, stylish and unique.

"What's astonishing is the transformation from the desperately ordinary C4 from which the DS4 is derived… a range that provides good-value entertainment and surprising practicality." The Daily Telegraph

"The Citroen DS4 is a good-looking, high-quality alternative to a conventional small family hatch. The engines have proven themselves to be corkers, and it promises to be well equipped." What Car?

"The mad genius of Citroen gone by is reawakening, and we like it. A lot." Top Gear