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Citroën DS Offer


New grille and lights give even more personality...

The New DS 3 has been given a look that's unmistakeably DS. Its bold new grille with chrome surround merges seamlessly into the headlamps. Citroen call this DS Wings because they say it resembles a bird's spread wings. New DS 3 marks the debut of 'double wings' that encompass the headlamp units and new LED foglights. DS LED Vision employs a combination of LED and Xenon lighting technology. As well as looking striking, this generates a broad, bright beam of light to improve vision. It halves energy consumption and makes driving at night safer and less tiring.


A trim for all tastes

Whether you go for hard-wearing cloth or luxurious leather, you'll enjoy a cockpit that's finished by craftsmen. Their skills are perfectly illustrated by our unique Watchstrap seat design in stunning Trinitario brown Nappa leather.

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Spirit of the Avant-Garde

Pleasure and presence combine

New DS 4 embodies our spirit of the avant-garde. Its expressive but elegant shape ensures it’ll turn heads wherever you go ‑ standing out for all the right reasons.

Sophisticated and characterful lines cloak a car that is rewarding to drive yet still refined and relaxing. New DS 4 perfectly demonstrates our philosophy of meticulously matching design and technology with comfort.

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Relax in Leather-lined Luxury

The interior of New DS 4 seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with high technology

Inside, New DS 4 combines style and refinement with painstaking attention to detail. Our leather goes through a 21-hour process to look, smell and feel just right. It takes our craftsmen eight hours to upholster the leather door panels that are unique to this class of car. That expertise also comes to life in the beautifully detailed DS ‘watchstrap’ finish of the seats. Yet those same seats can be moved electrically and feature a massage function to help journeys fly by.


We think DS 4 Crossback’s rugged looks perfectly complement its off-road capabilities. Its raised ride height is balanced by crossover body styling that includes black wheel arch protectors designed to shield against scuffs. A purposeful gloss black central front bumper section, gloss black rear roof spoiler, gloss black alloy wheels and aluminium roof bars complete the go-anywhere appeal.


DS 4 Crossback features the latest headlamp technology

Each headlamp has 84 LEDs. These combine with a Xenon module to give a wide, white beam that reduces eye strain and uses less energy. Headlamps follow the steering to light corners, technology pioneered by DS. We call it DS LED Vision.

DS 5


Making progress means being brave. With New DS 5 we’ve done just that, with design, engineering and technology


Brighter and longer lasting than halogens, Xenons have a spectrum close to natural light, reducing eye strain. With LEDs, they follow the steering to light up corners, a feature pioneered by DS. We call all this technology DS LED Vision. New DS 5’s headlamps combine LED and Xenon technologies. They look stunning and give a wide, white light beam.

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On today’s busy roads we need all the help we can get. New DS 5 comes with technology that works with drivers. It’s reassuring, takes the stress out of daily driving, and keeps you, your passengers and other road users safe

The 7-inch in-car screen shows what the reversing camera sees. Blind Spot Monitoring looks over your shoulder and tells you when there’s a hazard lurking. The cruise control and speed limiter keep an eye on how fast you’re going so you can concentrate on the road.

DS has always been about comfort.

There’s a broad choice of THP petrol, BlueHDi diesel or Hybrid 4x4 diesel-electric powertrains. Each complies with Euro6 emissions laws. There’s also a choice of manual or automatic gearboxes. And each combination is refined and efficient.

“The spirit of avant-garde means driving where no one has even walked”

DR Sylvestre Maurice, French Astrophysicist