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Working from home and home schooling

17 April 2020

Quick tips for parents who are home schooling

Finding the balance between working from home and home-schooling children has certainly been quite tricky for many parents leaving the Easter holidays a welcomed break. In preparation for home-schooling resuming, we asked our staff to share their experiences and gathered these helpful tips.

Keep connected

If you’re not already, get a Whatsapp chat going with all the parents in your child’s class. This has helped us greatly and not just for school-related questions, it's proving to be a great support network. We are all realising we are in this together. This is also great for sharing ideas on how to keep your children occupied whilst you are trying to work.

Schedule your day

We try and keep to normal school time routine during the week, so we are up at the same time and lessons start at 9 am. Lunchtime is food, relaxation time and exercise session then carrying on with school work until 3'oclock. We have found after lunchtime children aren't able to concentrate as effectively. To manage this we have been keeping the harder lessons they need to do online for the morning, and then in the afternoon, it's either PE, art or something where they can be more creative.

Keep in touch

Make time for friends and family and schedule in time for the kids to Facetime/Skype them. The grandparents are struggling with not being able to see their grandchildren so reminding them to call or even sending messages to keep the communication going helps. Plus with their friends, even if it's to play a computer game or be silly it will help raise their spirits.

Feelings and reassurance

Talk and ask them how they are feeling. It’s important during this time we need to remember our children’s mental wellbeing as well as ours. Even if some days we can’t fully stick to the routine don’t beat yourself up and stay positive.


Read and have fun with your children. This is a great opportunity to sit back and spend more time with them.


It is very hard to try and ignore the distractions. We try to make sure any tasks that require full concentration are tackled first thing in the morning when the children are engrossed in their school work. This allows us to focus and get our tasks completed.

Joe Wicks PE sessions on Youtube

If you are on social media we’re sure you’ve seen the great video’s Joe Wicks is posting. Maybe try joining in a class with your kids.

Other life lessons

I have also given my children cooking and DIY lessons. One day I laid out the ingredients for a cheesecake along with the instructions and let them get on with it. The results were pretty delicious! They were also given the task of hanging solar lights up without any help. Great ways to keep your kids occupied, help out around the house and learn some new skills.


The head teacher has sent us various emails saying DONT PANIC! When they do all start back, children may be at different levels however once they get back into their routines they will all soon catch up and be at the level they should be. Take a breath if you are struggling and try having fun with the extra time spent together.