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Ford Focus ST Review

Auto Express has updated their review of the Focus ST which retains its position as a five star car and reinstates Ford's authority in the hot hatch market

The Auto Express Team loves the powerful engine, class-leading handling and value price and out of the three ST trims they recommend the ST-2.

“Launched in 2012, the newest Ford Focus ST is the latest in a long-line of Fast Fords that bring high performance thrills at accessible prices.

Whilst the latest Focus ST keeps the sporty chassis and impressive handling of its predecessor which Ford first unveiled in 2005, the newest Focus ST now has a smaller engine and a 2.0, four-cylinder EcoBoost under the bonnet. However, with an increased power output of 247bhp, not only is the newest Focus ST quicker than the old car, it can more than take the fight to its hot hatch rivals.

While Fast Ford fans will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of an even hotter Focus RS, for now they will have to make do with the ST as Ford is playing its cards close to its chest on that one. Available in only five-door guise, the Ford offers the Focus ST in three trim levels - the entry level ST, mid-range ST-2 and range-topping ST-3. There's even a Focus ST Estate for those who need extra boot space.

In addition to its superb dynamics and aggressive styling, another highlight of the Ford Focus ST is its price. Starting from around £22,000, the Focus ST undercuts its main hot hatch rivals by a few thousand pounds.”

Extract from Auto Express Online. Read the full article here-

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