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The Nation's Favourite...The Ford Fiesta

The dynamically styled new Ford Fiesta is more than just a pretty face, delivering a sophisticated, high-quality, 3 and 5 door compact hatchback package with exclusive features and an ergonomic, harmonious new interior to drivers across Europe

The Fiesta was both Ford’s and the UK’s best seller in March with 9, 522 sales in the UK. The supermini was originally introduced to the UK in 1976 and become one of Europe’s best-selling small car. The nation’s favourite has really come into its own with the award-winning EcoBoost engine under the bonnet, the superb unit offers an undeniably impressive blend of power and performance.

Auto Express love the attractive styling, the fantastic drive and its low running cost and say: "The Ford Fiesta is one of the best cars Ford has ever produced. It’s a truly brilliant supermini, combining a class-leading driving experience with great mpg fuel economy and a stylish, modern design."

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Autocar have said the Fiesta’s “biggest trump card is its big-car feel. At its 2007 launch, no other cooking supermini felt as solid or grown up, and its ride shamed cars from a class or two above. Handling offered a verve that even some hot hatches failed to match.”

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Meanwhile, What Car? say in a 5-Star review: “The Ford Fiesta is an utterly brilliant supermini that excels in all the important areas. In fact, it’s our Supermini of the Year 2014.”

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