The All-New Fiesta Active

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A new take on the Fiesta, the first Fiesta crossover model ever!

Practicality, flexibility and utility

The Fiesta has been the UK's best selling car for the last 9 years and is still topping sales charts. People love the Fiesta with its six time award winning EcoBoost engine with its performance complemented with cost saving efficiencies which we will see again with the Active. The All-New Fiesta Active is a car that delivers rugged SUV-inspired styling with a raised ride-height, roof bars and additional cladding.

New advanced features

The All-New Fiesta Active includes Fords Adaptive Cruise Control that you can set the speed you want to drive at. The built in RADAR sensor detects if a vehicle ahead of you and will keep a pre-set distance accelerating accelerating back up to your defined speed once the road in front of you is clear. The RADAR technology also aids in checking your blind spot as an orange light will illuminate if it detects a vehicle you can't see.

Forward-looking camera technology allows the All-New Fiesta Active helps you stay in your lane with the Lane Keeping System. If you are unintentionally drifting out of lane then you will be alerted by the steering wheel vibration. If you do not respond in time the Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to help guide you safely back into the right lane. The Active will also alert you of road signs on your instrument cluster so you never miss a sign. At night the Active is able to detect on coming vehicles and temporarily dim your headlights to give you maximum viability.

Fitted with SYNC 3

As well as the Amazing voice control and touch screen system Fords SYNC also comes with emergency assistance that can call for help even if you can't. In the unlikely event of an accident the technology in your active can use a Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone to automatically make a direct call to the emergency services for you. You can choose to stop the call, or talk to those services if you need to. The System can provide vital information, such as your GPS coordinates even if you are unconscious.

Use the screen on the SYNC 3 system to view the reversing camera, showing what ever is behind you on the screen as you move the car backwards. The system activates as you select the reverse gear and uses the virtual guidelines to help you park in even the smallest of spaces.

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