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The All-New Ford Kuga

Beautifully designed, remarkably efficient, effortlessly capable. As part of Ford’s commitment to offer 14 electrified vehicles by 2020, the Kuga is available with three hybrid options: A Plug-in Hybrid, EcoBlue Hybrid, and from late 2020, a Full Hybrid will complete the trio. Ford’s advanced hybrid technology is designed to deliver a cleaner, quieter, more sophisticated approach to SUV driving.

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Take a sneak peek at what's to come in the All-New Ford Kuga below!
New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid Aerial-View
Woman Charging Red New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid
Red New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid Rear

Easy and Adaptable

The All-New Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid uses a merge of both electric powertrain and a 2.5L Duratec petrolengine. The powertrain is designed for shorter trips with zero emissions and works with the Duratec petrol engine to ensure enough power supply and helps to recharge the battery. Therefore you receive the best of both, in one fantastic car!

The All-New Kuga Plug-in Hybrid uses two sources of power to get you to your destination more efficiently. An advanced electric powertrain lets you make shorter trips of up to 35 miles on zero emissions* and can reach anywhere you have access to mains power. For longer journeys, the conventional combustion engine ensures you can go as far as you need to, using power split technology to help recharge the Hybrid battery as you drive. While energy captured through regenerative braking also helps to extend your electric range even further.

It includes a new dynamic new interior that gives you ultimate comfort and freedom which adapts to your journey. Do you need more boot-space for a big trip or prefer the luxury of extra leg-room in the back? Flexible rear seating slides forward or backward to suit your needs, so you have no trouble packing anything you need.

Additionally the All-New Ford Kuga has a built in FordPass Connect taking your journey to the next level, with the ability to control and monitor your vehicle and start the engine remotely or warm up the car from wherever you are. Not only is the technology adaptable the seating within the All-New Ford Kuga PHEV is too. The fluid interior design allows for you to custom your leg space or fold down the back seats for extra boot space.

Driving Intelligence

With adaptive cruise control and built-in RADAR sensors you can have a smooth drive, knowing that the All-New Ford Kuga PHEV will adapt to your driving accordingly. The system will slow down your vehicle to maintain a safe proximity and will automatically accelerate back up to speed. Not only that but the car has a built in lane keeping system to help prevent drift overs in conditions such as crosswinds, making your journey more stable and carefree!

Red New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid in charging bay
New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid driven by the sea
New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid side-view
New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid interior
New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid Driver's POV
New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid rear seats


FordPass is a free app offering plenty of benefits, whether you're a Ford customer or not. Through the app, you can check the health and status of your vehicle, find the nearest fuel station, contact roadside assistance and much more.

FordPass Connect is the next step up - it's an integrated modem that connects your Ford Focus to the internet. Software updates happen over the air, plus you'll get the latest live traffic information and be able to start your car remotely. You can even set the temperature so it's just how you like it when you get in.

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New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid

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