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hybrid electricity

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Coming soon

hybrid electricity

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Coming soon

The times are changing for Petrol and Diesel cars, as electric vehicles are paving the way to a cleaner more Eco-friendly ​environment. Take a look at some of the hybrid vehicles on their way and get to know more about the electric revolution.

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Flicking the switch to electric

There are four types of electric vehicle designed to suit a range of lifestyle options:

Mild Hybrid (MHEV) - Which has a small electric motor that assists the engine.

Hybrid (HEV) - Which is predominately powered by a conventional engine, but an electric motor takes control during short distances.

Plug- In Hybrid (PHEV) - Includes two sources of power; a larger battery, that enables you to commute longer distances powered solely by electric power.

All-Electric - Is 100% electric and all you have to do is charge the vehicle and head out on your way.

We currently feature the following vehicles, please see below.

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The Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV): NOW AVAILABLE

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid combines sporty looks and the comfort of the standard Mondeo, with a responsive and powerful 2.0-litre petrol engine is mated to a high-tech electric motor, offering both performance and efficiency.

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White Ford Mondeo Hybrid 2019
White Ford Mondeo Hybrid Rear

Coming Soon

The Ford Kuga ST-Line: Plug-in Hybrid

Coming Late 2019

The Ford Kuga ST-Line PHEV is the combination of hybrid power paired with elegant styling.

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Red New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid
Woman charging Red New Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid

The All-New Ford Puma ST-Line: Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

Coming December 2019

The Ford Puma ST-Line is a paving the way for cleaner hybrid electric vehicles. The advance EcoBoost hybrid petrol options allows for a smoother performance with noticeably lower CO2 emissions than other non-hybrid engines.

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Blue Ford Puma ST-Line
Blue Ford Puma ST-Line Side

Ford Mustang All-Electric SUV

Pre-orders open soon for 2020 delivery

The upcoming all-electric SUV is part of Ford's electrification plan. This brand new vehicle will deliver spirit, exhilaration and power and will be redefined for a new era. The all-electric SUV has an electric range of up to 370 miles so you wont need to worry about your next charge. Watch this space for more information coming soon.

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