Ford Mondeo Vignale

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Ford Mondeo Vignale

The Ford Mondeo Vignale is the first in a new range of upscale Ford Vignale products delivering quality craftsmanship, superior refinement and exclusive specification. To add a touch of class, each model is hand-finished by dedicated craftspeople in a meticulous process that also includes 100 additional quality checks.

Handcrafted and individually tailored, each Mondeo Vignale is hand-finished by six master craftsmen at the state-of-the-art Vignale Centre in Valencia. Passionate about precision and attention to detail, experts spend more than two hours hand-polishing the paintwork to create the perfect high-gloss finish whilst carefully examining the fine detailing and stitching of 40 individual laser-cut pieces of leather trim fitted to each seat.

Ford worked for two and a half years to perfect the design of the seats that are inspired by luxurious handmade leather goods. Each hide that goes into the full-grain premium Windsor Leather undergoes a rigorous selection process and natural markings are minimised. Finished parts are exposed to the sun to ensure that over time the surface appearance remains consistent.

New Ford Mondeo Vignale Courtyard
New Ford Mondeo Vignale Logo
New Ford Mondeo Vignale

On the road, the Mondeo Vignale delivers a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride using sophisticated technologies and an advanced chassis structure. The Active Noise Cancellation system, available on the diesel range, employs three microphones, strategically placed throughout the cabin to monitor engine noise in the interior. The system then directs opposing sound waves through the audio system to cancel out engine noise and improve cabin ambience. The interior also features enhanced sound insulation to better isolate road noise from the cabin whilst acoustic glass helping to reduce wind noise to a level normally experienced only in the premium segment. As you would expect from a premium model, the Mondeo Vignale includes high-quality interior features, with leather trims, special Vignale seats, a soft-touch leather steering wheel and there's even in-car WiFi.

Outside the Mondeo Vignale's exterior offers a sleek, emotive design that reflects the new Ford range. Every model features an exclusive Vignale script inspired by Alfredo Vignale's signature and metallic paint is standard with further options including Vignale Black, Vignale Silver and premium four-coat Vignale White.

The technology available on the Vignale is simply top class, with sophisticated driver assistance technologies and equipment that contribute to a simplified and stress-free experience. Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection can reduce the severity of some frontal collisions involving both vehicles and pedestrians. All models feature as standard SYNC2, Active Park Assist featuring Perpendicular Parking, Traffic Sing Recognition, Active City Stop and Ford Dynamic LED headlights.

New Ford Mondeo Vignale side
New Ford Mondeo Vignale Front
New Ford Mondeo Vignale

Under the sleek bonnet, the Vignale is available with high-power engines including 2.0 litre EcoBoost petrol, TDCi diesel engine and Ford's petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. Depending on your choice of engine, there's a choice of a six-speed manual, a six-speed automatic and PowerShift automatic transmissions. Plus Ford's Intelligent AWD system delivers seamless transition between front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive performance.

Ford Vignale consists of three key parts, a unique product, lifestyle elements and a dedicated experience. A key component is the Vignale Lounge which provides an environment designed to ensure customers feel valued and respected, relaxed and comfortable. Demonstrating a high level of attention to detail, as well as a Ford Vignale Relationship Manager offering a truly personalised service.

Eye-catchingly bold and incredibly technologically advanced, the new Ford Mondeo Vignale is a highly impressive family car. Available as a four-door saloon, five-door hatchback or estate, it is a luxury model offering a refined driving experience.

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