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E-Transit Blog

21 April 2021

Read more about the new Ford E-Transit

New Ford E- Transit

Pictures courtesy of Ford

Not sure on whether or not to make the switch to electric? By making the switch you will be reducing your running costs and also helping the environment. The E-Transit also costs less to service over 3 years than your typical diesel vehicle. The latest addition to Ford's family of electrified vehicles won't disappoint. It's due to make its grand arrival in 2022, but we think it will be worth the wait.
The E-Transit completely eliminates emissions whilst driving so it allows you to drive through those low emission zones which helps your business to meet its carbon monoxide and sustainability goals. Plus you will also be helping the environment by using a renewable energy supplier when recharging your E-Transit

Picture courtesy of Ford
Pictures courtesy of Ford

The battery sits under the main body of the vehicle meaning it maximises the space inside the E-Transit. The large electric battery will also enable you to power up those tools you need wherever the job may take you, making it one less thing to worry about. As an optional extra you can also have Pro Power Onboard which delivers 2.4kW of power without the need of a portable generator.

There is a choice of 3 lengths  and 2 roof heights for the E-Transit which is 9.5 and 15.1 cubic metres of available space. It can also handle a huge amount of cargo, up to 1,616kg in fact. There is also an optional power-slide load door plus a full-height rear door with a downlighter which makes it easier for you during those early starts to see exactly what you are doing. 

Now for some techy information. The E-Transit is provided with hardware and software which enables the vehicle to be easily charged at the end of your hard working day. You can either install as Ford Connected Wall box charging point where its a simply as plugging it in, or if you have a fleet of vehicles Ford can install a charging point on your premises which can recharge multiple vehicles in just over 8 hours.
If you are out and about on a job, then don't worry as as our fast-growing FordPass charging network will have over 150,000 public charging points across Europe by the end of 2021. Including charging stations in over 400 locations.

Pictures courtesy of Ford
Pictures courtesy of Ford

Ford Sync and Ford Telematics are also available. Ford Sync is a cloud-connected communication and entertainment system which gives you advanced route planning, electric van charging management plus a whole lot more. The Ford Telematics is handy if you have a fleet of vehicles as it helps you minimise vehicles downtime. It gives you information with data-driven insights into the operation of your fleet plus health status's which will help you quickly identify any issues that need attention.
What's even better, the government are helping to fund businesses and are offering up to £8,000 grants for businesses to upgrade to an Electric van. Click here for more information

Model shown is a Ford E-Transit Arriving 2022 Chassis conversion (vehicle far left) is for illustrative purposes only. Pictures courtesy of Ford