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How to keep your car clean, hygienic and germ-free

07 October 2020

How to keep your car clean, hygienic and germ-free

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives and it’s also making us a lot more hygienic and germ aware. Dr Jenny Doman, who is Ford’s chief medical officer, explains why it’s vital to keep our cars clean. The risk of a contaminated surface decreases overtime however it's still not clear how long viruses can survive on surfaces, and its possible they can survive for up to 72 hours.  The aim of cleaning our cars is to limit the chance of cross-infection and to keep it clean as much as possible, especially if you have been in a car with someone who lives outside of your household.

Its advised, when cleaning your car, never to use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide and avoid ammonia based products as these can damage specialists coatings (follow manufacturer advice).

If you are wearing gloves, you need to be aware that they can still be contaminated and need to be changed frequently and avoid touching your face. If you have someone else in your car, it's advised that you clean the areas in which they have touched after the journey and masks are highly recommended.


Interior touch points to be cleaned;

  1. Door releases/locks
  2. Electric window/mirror switches
  3. Door pockets
  4. Steering wheel with horn and control stalks
  5. Air vents
  6. Dashboard
  7. Power button
  8. Multimedia screen
  9. Heating controls
  10. Gear stick
Exterior touch points

Exterior touch points to be cleaned;

  1. Door handles
  2. Door frames and roof
  3. Boot/Trunk release
  4. Fuel cap
  5. Wheel valves and dust caps

The following areas are also advisable to clean such as; parcel shelf, boot floor tab, sunroof switch, seatbelts and seatbelt buckles, seat adjustment controls, keys, handbrake, glovebox/storage compartments, operator's manual, cupholders, rear-view mirror, Interior lights, headrests and seat pockets.

Stay safe!