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New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid

12 February 2021

Now available at Hartwell

New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid

Transit PHEV

The Transit Custom PHEV is now even more innovative and sophisticated than ever before with its smarter technologies. It has been a popular Commercial Van since the '60s.  With cutting-edge technologies that are there for your comfort including Sync 3 for an effortless hands-free driving experience. It simply allows you to stay connected and control your phone, music and navigation system. This is the first Plug-in Hybrid in its segment and is capable of electric-only driving and zero emissions to a range of 56km. 

Transit Custom PHEV Key features;

  •  Segment-first Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid van delivers 35 miles zero-emission NEDC driving range and more than 310 miles total range using1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine range extender
  • The advanced plug-in hybrid architecture features 13.6 kWh battery that can be charged with mains electricity for zero-emission driving – contributing to reduced local emissions
  • Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid delivers 1,130 kg net payload and unchanged 6.0 m3 load volume, facilitated by careful packaging of compact battery pack beneath the floor
  •  Special features include a Geofencing module to automatically switch vehicles to EV mode when entering low-emission zones.
  •  Exempt from London ULEZcharge
  •  Battery pack covered by a standard eight-year/160,000 km (100,000-mile) warranty
  • Trailer Sway Control detects "snaking" or trailer sway and will reduce your vehicles speed to help with this problem and will make the towing more controlled.

Giving you the best of both worlds;

The Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) utilises two separate power sources.  One is a battery-powered electric motor that drives the vehicle, while its 1.0L Ford EcoBoost petrol engine works to recharge the hybrid battery and extend the vehicle’s range.

This allows the driver to then select between three available EV modes, including EV Now which allows you to drive with zero emissions on electric-only power, to a targeted range of 35 miles. The PHEV battery can also be recharged using most AC network charging points.

Whatever your business. The Transit Customs are flexible and capable enough for any business and we can be sure to meet your needs.



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Source: Ford UK