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Top Nine Fords of our time

21 December 2020

Cars ranging from the Ford Model T to the Mustang, here are some of the best.

Take a look at some of our all time Top Fords of our time.

We would like to show you what are classed as Fords top nine vehicles and the impact they had around the world.  This year has marked Fords 150th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to show-off a little. Do you remember any of these vehicles yourself or have you even purchased any?

Please send us any pictures you have of these classics, we would love to see them and share them if we can.

Ford T
Picture courtesy of Ford

First launched in America, the model T was considered to be affordable, sturdy and dependable.  Ford built more than 15m of these "Tin Lizzies" as they were then known during their 19 years in production. This model was low in price because of the assembly line Ford had produced to help minimise costs, instead of individual handcrafting.

It was dubbed one of the most influential cars of the 20th century and had sold over 15 million units.

This was Fords take on the Corvette sports car which was in production two years previous. It was also nicknamed the T-bird for any of you that recall. It had 193 horsepower and 4,400 rpm and top speeds of over 100mph meant that it was powerful, and quick for its size.

It also attracted celebrities during that era. It was classed as a personal luxury car, but one that people could afford. 

The T-bird was stopped in production because Ford introduced a 4-seater version which overtook the sales and they could no longer justify the production.

Picture courtesy of Ford

Also dubbed the American muscle car after starring in films such as Goldfinger, the Mustang has nearly 50 years of history. 

With each new generation of the Mustang comes more power and speed making it popular throughout the ages and effortless on the roads.

Ford began quickly building another Mustang in 1974 and was totally new with no components the same as the previous models.



Picture courtesy of Ford
Picture courtesy of Ford

The GT40 was classed as Fords greatest ever race car and was the cause of a 10 day talk between Ford and Ferrari when racing and winning was at the very top of Fords agenda.  The Mk1 GT40 finished 1-2-3 ahead of the Porsche in the 1966 Le Mans 24 hours which was a triumph for Ford.

The 40 in the GT40 refers to the car's overall height which is as little as 40 inches!

This Escort was introduced to replace the Ford Anglia. The original Escort was front-engine and rear-wheeled drive. It was becoming a family rival car around the world.

The name was nearly changed to Erika in 1980 which was a codename for the leader of the planning team, Erick A. Reickert.

The Escort was discontinued in 2000 after five generations of sales and after selling more than 4m of these vehicles in the UK only.

Picture courtesy of Ford

Also known as the New York Yellow cab, you should surely recognise this Ford vehicle. It was also used in the US for police vehicles.

With a huge V8 engine, it was mot overly powerful for their size. Top speeds of this Crown Victoria was up to 110-140 mph!



Picture courtsey of Ford
f series
Picture courtsey of Ford

Crowned the best-selling truck in the US for over 34 and overall the best selling vehicle in 24 years, the F-series truck is a classic.

Its appeared in 100s of films including Field of dreams, Gran Tourino and the Every way but loose.

Since 1999 this F-series truck heavier duty trucks such as pick-up trucks.

There are now over 14 generations of this truck ranging from the F-series truck in this picture, to he F-150 electric pickup truck.



This amazing rally car has been talked about being one of the best ever.  It was first created for Group B in the early 1980s and its lightweight construction and 4 wheeled drive meant it was fast and effortless on any surface, making it an ideal rally car.

Unfortunately it was short lived after rearing off the course in 1896 and killing some spectators and then drivers Henri Toivonen and Sergio Crestor died in an accident in the same year. Meaning it was banned from Group B cars in 1897. They were then converted this car into a Ghia-spec model and were then on sale to the public.

Picture courtsey of Ford
Ford GT
Picture courtsey of Ford

This car was such a favourite of Jeremy Clarkson that when he test drove it, he then went onto buying his own.

This production supercar was released in 2004 and was a hit for all the supercar fans out there. Reaching 0-60mph in as little as 3.2 seconds it meant it was popular for the adrenalin junkies also.  It was built to be longer and wider than the original Ford GT40 and they also looked very different from the outside.

It was said it was however, too wide for the UK roads and too fast which meant the production for this model didn't last as long as Ford had hoped.