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Project Siren

24 February 2021

A collaboration of expertise knowledge to produce the new lightweight ambulance

What is Project Siren?

Ford and Venari group use expertise knowledge and collaborate to produce the new lightweight ambulance


Ford have a new 3.5-tonne ambulance which has been developed with the Venari Group. Using expertise knowledge, they have worked together to re-establish the Ford Transit Chassis cab which has been converted and will be built in the UK by the Venari Group.
The innovative new Transit ambulance has been developed in conjunction with industry experts plus with help from those who use the vehicle such as the front-line medical teams.
This lightweight design is fully compliant with national specifications and is designed to be more agile , improve patient treatments as well as safety and ease for the paramedics.
It has all the latest technologies such as Advanced digital connectivity which supports efficient restocking and vehicle maintenance. The lightweight design helps to reduce emissions and operating costs.  It's also fully compatible with all-electric powertrains and provides a future-proof solution for operators who are looking to transition to zero-emission fleets.

The launch is planned for this year and it will enter production mid 2021.

“Our exciting new lightweight ambulance is the result of listening to our customers, understanding their needs and finding innovative solutions to meet them. By collaborating with blue-light experts Venari Group for Project Siren, I’m confident that this new vehicle will redefine the blueprint for ambulances and help to transform the productivity of front line ambulance services in the UK.”

Dr Graham Hoare OBE, executive director, Business Transformation, and chairman, Ford of Britain.

“We’re delighted to have teamed up with Ford in the development of our 3.5-tonne ambulance, which will provide a step change in design for our incredible emergency services. Harnessing the capabilities of Venari and Ford has created an engineering team that is – in my 15-year experience in emergency service vehicle production – the most formidable of its type, meeting the complex requirements of the Carter Report with zero compromise on quality.”

Oliver North, CEO, Venari Group.

Source: Ford UK