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Share the road campaign- festive jumper

18 December 2020

The safe distance festive jumper Ford has released this Christmas.

Safe Distance Christmas Jumper

Ford has created a festive jumper for their 'Share The Road' campaign and has decided to design this jumper to highlight key issues that cyclists and e-scooter riders experience on a day to day basis.

According to research, nearly 80% of cyclists and e-scooter users have had very close encounters with other vehicles, claiming other road users don't allow enough overtaking space.  This time of year they are more vulnerable due to the longer darker days.  This jumper features a special gift with a small projector within the reindeer's antlers, nose, and tail which illuminates the floor and as you can see in the video, it makes out a 1.5M 'safe zone' in the shape of a Christmas tree, which will let other road users give them enough space when overtaking.

Earlier this year, Ford revealed their Emoji jacket as part of the same campaign which would display to drivers how they were feeling and would flash up on their jackets, helping to promote better communication between them, and the other road users.

The 'Share the Road' campaign was started to create harmony between road users and would benefit everybody.  The jumper is the latest trend Ford has come up with in this campaign to create awareness and we very much look forward to what they come up with next year.  So, what do you think?

“In 2020, we may have become good at keeping a safe distance in shops or on the pavements but we’re not always so good at it on the roads. The ‘Safe Distance’ Christmas Jumper may be fun, but the message is serious; we all need to be mindful of other road-users and make sure everyone gets home for Christmas, no matter what form of transport they take .” Emmanuel Lubrani, ‘Share The Road’, Ford of Europe

Xmas jumper
Picture courtesy of Ford